There is so much I need to be doing...

...but I really want to just go to bed instead.  This past week was busy and packed full of fun and I am exhausted.  There was recovering from Memphis, house shopping (feeling a bit discouraged at the moment), visiting with mom (at the nursing home finally-made it longer than 3 days without having a set back but still not going to blog much more than that.  I swear I jinx it every time), blogger dinner at Amp 150 (conversation was great, still thinking about how I felt about the meal), Justine's bachelorette party (very fun-but I put away my camera for the night), more visits with mom, an Outcast BBQ, and some dinners and drinks with friends. This is another short work week for me as I am heading to New York for 4th of July weekend to attend the wedding of one of my good friend's.  Also, it's going to be Bacon's first road trip. 

I have one more Memphis post to come but it's going to have to wait just a little bit longer...here's a little teaser: it's about a crotch (and not my crotch).

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Bite Buff said...

I want to jump in that bed...NOW! Have a safe trip to my home state. :)