Sunday Bacon

This week was a little bit better than the last one....we were a tad bit more on schedule. This coming week should be even better (fingers and toes crossed) because MOM IS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL AND RESTING AT HOME-or at least she better be resting and drinking her fluids and all the things the doctors ordered. She was in ICU on Wednesday night and a good portion of Thursday and then she was released on Friday-the roller coaster of emotions was enough for me to want to crawl in bed and put the blanket over my head and sleep for weeks. But hopefully that's all over now. She just has one more surgery planned for next month and then we should be all done.

Back to the Bacon, Bacon has started this new thing where he barks at me every time I am not paying attention to him. I have tried to ignore him but I have neighbors and I am sure they don't want to suffer through this stage. Any puppy training advice on this? Oh and any advice on the stopping him from nipping at my stank ass feet would be good too.


Allison M. said...

i hope everything is OK.

Jane said...

I am so glad that your mom is feeling better.

I have no real advice on the dog thing - I think I remember Bailey's puppy kindergarten teacher recommending a sharp "NO!" since you're right there & can correct him. My next door neighbor got one of those citronella spray things for her barky Jack Russell. The poor thing got scared and started barking at the spray, and got himself so upset that he ended up jumping through a window (he was fine). Probably not a helpful story - but maybe don't spend $50 on one of those collars unless you can order one from somewhere with a really generous return policy.