my night on w25th-and no I wasn't working it as the title suggests

This past Saturday I took some time off from hospital duty to celebrate the small improvements in my mom's condition. The removal of her ng tube and the addition of liquids to her diet that didn't come from an IV only were all the reason I needed to celebrate. Plus it was a holiday weekend and some cocktails were needed. So off to my favorite part of town to make bad decisions...and to my friend's no worries, I was not one street over making those kind of bad decisions.
First stop, Bar Cento. We were seated over the grate....like the ones in the sidewalks that I don't even like to walk over let alone sit and eat dinner over. But it was the only open spot on the patio. The things we do for patio seating.
While sitting on the patio we witnessed a gang on mopeds. Not scooters, mopeds. Yep, no photos of that awesomeness. We also saw a girl plow in to the stopped car in front of her. Then pretty much drive off because she had "dinner reservations". Because I wasn't quick with the camera, I only got a photo of the Bar Cento employees performing their second job of street sweepers. It was only my first beer so the photographic evidence of the evening only gets worse from here.
Finally the cops show up about the accident. Notice it was light out right after accident...dark now. My favorite was the girl in the white skirt that is just right of center in this fine photograph. She wasn't in the car or near the car or even in Ohio City at the time of the accident yet the way she gave the cops attitude you would have thought it was her car. The "brand fucking new car" she screamed-the crackheads were impressed.

Next stop, Dragonfly. And more fine photography...just beyond this concoction, Zack Reid.
Off the wagon, alert Action 19 news.
This might have been my favorite people watching place of the evening between Zack and the "older" (and I mean older than me, not old like me) woman playing the bar like it was bongos after getting shot down by Zach Reed and the 21 year old she had been kissing on before Mr Reed walked in the bar.
Next stop, the ABC tavern. Yes, Alexa, hell has frozen over. I managed to get over myself and make my way in to the ABC for the "first" time in YEARS. I should say second time because I was there not that long ago for a "surprise party"where the guest of honor and organizer decided to "no-show" their own party but I am not counting that trip. So first time it is!
I have decided I love hush puppies. I am over frittes. Frittes=pretentious. Hush puppies= awesome! (If you follow my twitter, I made the announcement that hish puppies should be the new hipster food. I may of had a cocktail or two at that point)
Last stop, Garage. Mainly because they were playing Fugazi and because I wanted the crunked badge on FourSquare. (There was also another accident we happened upon where a car drove in to a building on 25th but no photos of that either-maybe I should stick to finding photos of stuff on the internet)
And that's the weekend of a single lady who has about a hundred photos of her puppy in her camera.


Fizzgig said...

Garage bar is fun! Thats one of the very few places I venture to in the big city.

and hell yea, hush puppies are the bomb. I love them with honey mustard dressing. Great, now i want about 50.

misstiff said...

I am so glad that I was along for the ride on this one!