The fattest cat

He is one giant cat.  I take my camera with me when I house hunt because sometimes there is some great inspiration in a house.  And if I like the house, I want to have photos to remind myself of it's finer points.  This house will not be my house-there really weren't any highlights to this house....besides this GIANT CAT.  I put the garage door opener on the floor next to him to give you a little scale.   


Jennie Teets said...
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Jennie Teets said...

we saw that house also!!!
the cat was in that upstairs bathroom.
we passed on the house as well- but I will always remember that cat!

Suzanne said...

Did you guys find a house or are you still looking?

Jennie Teets said...

I think we have decided to stay put in the condo for a bit.
I'm pregnant and due in October and right now, I feel like NOT moving but we are still "looking", just maybe not as aggressively as before.
We almost bought a house in Rocky River a couple of months ago, but the seller was an IDIOT and was really hard to deal with so that deal fell though.
have you found anything worthwhile?