do you ears hang low? Or maybe to your right?

So nothing unusual here.  Just a gold suit in a box.

OK, just another outfit...with a little something happening on (our) left side.

Um, maybe it's just the mannequin that's making the fabric lay funny? But it's this like the 3rd or 4th mannequin that make it look like that.

Wait a second, upon closer inspection...hmm, maybe I just have a dirty mind.

Maybe it was all in my head....(insert dirty joke about heads here)

Nope, I am pretty sure it wasn't all in my head.  I am seriously sensing a theme here.

Yep, I definitely see a theme here.  

I don't know if the fabric was stretched out in the area or if someone at Graceland has a sense of humor but I was not the only one of the group to notice this little theme, I was just the only one to take photos. I have the mind of a 12 year old boy.

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melinda.c.urick@gmail.com said...

Hehe. You should have seen me at the Bodies exhibit this weekend. SO MANY PENI!!!