the adventures of the Elvis glasses

I am back from Memphis.  Back to work.  Back to reality. Back to a place where I don't spend 3/4 of the day laughing.  Mom is still in the hospital. Work is still not fun.  Bacon still bites my feet (but he is a bit better-I think the time away made him appreciate how spoiled he is).  But Memphis was a whole different story.  I won't share all 200+ photos from Graceland but I will share some of the photos of the best $12 I have ever spent. On Elvis glasses.  On Elvis glasses with built in sideburns.

These glasses were the most awful, hideously tacky things ever.  But Elvis glasses and Sparks are quite the combo.

What surprised me the most about these glasses were the people who were willing to put them on and take a photo with us. Random strangers were more than happy to join in on the tacky. This guy even give them the thumbs up.

Our rental car wanted in on the action.

The glasses travelled to Arkansas.  We decided against sparklers (or any fireworks for that matter) for fear our synthetic sideburns would catch on fire.

Waiters loved them. Or at least they humored us hoping we would tip well.  Too bad one waiter was given my phone number (not by me, but one of my friends put it on my receipt) in addition to the tip.  We didn't torture him any further by making him wear the glasses.

This bride even said she "Can't Help Falling in Love" with the Elvis glasses. 

But my favorite picture is this one.  The one where one of Memphis' finest dons the shades and a bit of an attitude to take a photo with us.  Yes, that's a beer, in the middle of a street.  I loved Memphis.


Bite Buff said...

Those better make an appearance on Thursday!

Jane said...

I got really excited when I read this. I thought to myself, "SPARKS! No effing way! I thought that was illegal!"

Then I took a minute, processed my thoughts, and felt deep personal shame.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!