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I picked this up on Saturday and have been laughing since. I didn't love her last book, Pretty in Plaid, but I have loved the other ones (Bitter is the New Black, Bright Lights Big Ass, Such a Pretty Fat) so I picked it up. Plus, her website has been cracking me up lately. I am not sure if we can be friends if you don't like her...

I picked this up a while ago because I heard it was good. I felt like I should read something other than Twilight and Jen Lancaster books. Expand my horizons as they say. Yep, I totally picked the trash, I mean guilty pleasure, over serious. I was maybe ten pages in when My Fair Lazy won out.

And this I picked up because apparently I am buying what Oprah is selling. She had the author on last Thursday's show and I admit I was intrigued. Not intrigued enough to pick it over the first book but the thought is there. I figured we can all use a little self help every now and again. (She had the cast of Eclipse/Twilight on last week too. When did I become a soldier in Oprah's army?)

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Fizzgig said...

oh oh, the new Jen Lancaster! I dont have it yet but I loooove her books! I am finshing up everything Jennifer Weiner ever wrote first. I got a ton from a coworker. I'm on 'good in bed!'

This is a big change from my normal authors...Dean Koontz, and Wayne Dyer. Oddball combo, eh?