Sex and the City 2

Even though it's been a few years and the hype of the show has long since past, I am still excited about the new movie.
And wow, Aiden looks pretty darn good.

Side note: SJP's hair has only gotten better. Or the hairdressers for the movie have gotten better- I was recently rewatching some of the early episodes and she needed a good deep conditioning in those early seasons. I have a hard time believing she actually uses Garnier hair color but that wave/curl is making me a bit jealous.


Mel said...

Oh, LOOK, you changed your... err, look! It's very nice.

I have mixed feelings over this movie. The first one REALLY ruined it for me. I don't think I can sit through a second. Maybe it's this idea that there is MORE TO LIKE THAN EFFIN PENIS. And shoes (and I love shoes. And penis. Seriously). Where was I? It gets old.

That said, I am in lurve with Aiden. And I love even more that my boyfriend just cut his hair short like that. RAWR.

PS: my word verification is: reakies. Heh.

Bite Buff said...

I admit it- I'm looking forward to it! Aiden with his shirt unbuttoned in the desert is enough to make me go!

Fizzgig said...

I didnt like her hair in was it season 3...when it was short and curly? seriously whos idea was THAT? I cannot WAIT for SATC this weekend with the girls!

p.s i always wanted carrie with aiden. i didnt like how big jerked her around like one of my ex bf's! (you know it had to be abotu me lol)