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I take a break from blogging for a couple days for a legitimate reason and my first post is about BP? Seriously?
I was kind of waiting for my mom to get out of the hospital but it's looking like tomorrow and I already posted about BP so I should probably comment about the past few days.
Tuesday my mom went to the doctor because she had been having some cramping/pain in her abdomen. The doctor sent her to main campus for a special CAT scan. Tuesday night he called her and told her she would be having surgery on Wednesday. Wednesday came and surgery was a bit more involved than the appendectomy that was the original plan. They had to remove part of her colon and part of her small intestine as well as the appendix because of the infection. The surgeon said it looked bad, it looked like cancer. (You really don't want to hear the C word---ever) So he treated it like cancer and removed the mass (the size of a softball from my little 122 pound mother). He said the CAT scan looked bad but when they got in there, it looked worse. They couldn't believe she wasn't having more pain. That's my mom for you, one tough (stubborn) cookie.
The initial tests came back that it didn't appear to be cancer but they are slicing the mass in to 100 sections and checking all of those to make sure it isn't cancer. We won't know the results for a few more days. Meanwhile she's been at the Clinic since Wednesday and possibly getting out tomorrow--that's a longer hospital stay then what her husband spent after he had OPEN HEART SURGERY. (Which taking him to the hospital and maneuvering him through the hospital is a whole different story-one that makes me sad and angry and will probably never be posted here.)
Yesterday my mom was starting to sound like herself again. She was commenting on my hair, my clothes, how I looked tired, etc. She she was fussing again. When we would her we would stay until six she told us we didn't need to visit with her so long, she's not a baby.
Yep, she's feeling a bit more like herself.

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Jane said...

I hope your mom feels better soon. My thoughts are with your family.

Organic Warrior said...

I'm catching up & just read about your mom. I'm sending good thoughts her way! Hope she feels better & is able to go home soon!