I spend my internet time wisely

While searching for a Cavs jersey for Bacon (yeah, I am kind of disgusted in myself too...), I stumbled on a website that has all kinds of clothes for dogs. Many of the clothes could be considered pet abuse and should be punishable by law.

Here are a few of my favorites:
Perfect for all Fourth of July parites and any white trash moment you wish.

"Bitch Magnet"

seriously, how adorable is this?!

For your bathing beauty?

Hang ten.



angelasw said...

so we're pretty hardcore losers and we're dressing up our dog for our engagement/wedding pictures. He's either going to wear a tux or a collar with bowtie. Ive looked other places and this place is about half the cost of others I've found. Thanks for sharing!

Bite Buff said...

Ha! I love the photos. I totally admit that I dress my dog up for Halloween. And she may or may not have a Syracuse University shirt and Browns jersey. She hates me for it.