Last night I finally made it Chinato. I say finally even though it has only been open a few months but I pass by it quite often (at least once or twice a week)but just haven't made it inside. Also, I've had plans to go a number of times only for plans to fall through at last minute. But last night I finally made it in.
The night was not without some oddities...
First, the host was someone I went to grade school with. Someone I have seen in Cleveland Magazine and while shopping at Banana Republic-he works there. This guy seems to be everywhere. I even saw him at my Target this past weekend.
Then the chef sat down in our booth (didn't just stop at the table but actually sat in the booth)during dessert to ask how we were enjoying everything. He asked us to list everything that we had tried and then he told us we had eaten a lot of food (and mentioned that none of it was particularly healthy) and then he asked us if we were high. Huh? OK whatever. He was funny and nice-a bit different than I had expected though.
The thing I enjoy about Zack Bruell's restaurants is that they are all very different from each other but still very good. (And I only missed the cheese guy from L'Albatros a little) Bruell does a lot of things well and this was not an exception.
Our selections:
Salumi plate
my salad: fennel, orange, olive and tomato salad with ricotta
Jess' salad: arugula with julienne of pumpkin, roasted turnups, pumpkin seeds, goat cheese and balsamic vinagrette
my entree: col buco with slow roasted pork shoulder, tomato and white wine
Jess' entree: seafood cannelloni
my dessert: lemon polenta cake (with lemon gelato)
Jess' dessert: tiramisu

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Bite Buff said...

Yum, you just made me hungry. Oh wait, it's lunch time! I (shockingly) have not made it there yet either. Plans always fall through, but it's on my hit list. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get my butt there!

Molls said...

On tv at Greenhouse and lunch with the chef at Chinato. Where was the VIP treatment when we went to Zocolo??