you see what had happened was...

My co-worker checks out my ass. She has done this openly a few times now. And she's not shy about it either but I am not calling HR (for that). I tell her I bought new pants, and she asks to see how my butt looks in them. And then either confirms the new pants are a hit or that maybe I should have looked in a mirror first.
Today at lunch, I was interviewed by a local news station for a piece they are doing on a local restaurant where the Chef is kind of a big deal. Upon returning to work and telling her all about it, she asked if I had at least put some lipstick on. Hey, thanks. Where were you before there was a camera and mic in my face?
And she also congratulated me on my knees not being as fat as my thighs. She's a really nice person, really.


allijag said...

omg you can't even be for real. that is terrible. :/ on a brighter note - very cool about the news interview - when is it going to be on?

Suzanne said...

It's not as bad as it sounds---it's just funny. My co-worker doesn't hold back.

As for the little interview, I have no ide when it's supposed to air. And I hope I don't make the cut.