Blogger dinner-Johnny Mangos style

I am a litte late in posting about this but Thursday night a bunch of lady bloggers (and some blogger groupies) headed to Johnny Mangos to meet up for some good eats and some cocktails (check out the glasses and empty pitchers of sangria on the table and that's even with a number of the ladies do the Cut The Crap Challenge). It was great to meet people in real life I only know online (or have met just a handful of times) because I stalk their blog and it was great to meet some new people and find out about some great blogs that I was previously unaware of. There was also some fabulous hair at that table--makes me want to shampoo mine a bit less (sounds like it might be gross until you see the beauty that is this lady's hair) and eat healthier.
I also realized, I am going to need to work on my stories because these woman are hilarious!


shannon (the daily balance) said...

haha - i'm tellin ya, works like a charm!

Really loved meeting you and can't wait for the next meet-up ;)

allijag said...

SO GLAD you could come, and so glad you had fun. Have I mentioned we need to get drinks asap? ;)

JenC said...

My friend Monica is sitting just one person away from you. Small freaking world!

Oh, and sorry for the preggo belly pics on my blog. I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea. At least now, I can put up pictures of Will instead.

Suzanne said...

Jen, is that who you went walking with yesterday? Crazy!
Cleveland is a very small town.
And you kept your prego belly photos to your blog, I have had a bunch of friends assulting my Facebook friends feed with the photos...it's like no escaping them there.