why does Chuck Bass wear so much purple?

Now that the Olympics are all over with, tv can get back to normal. First, Biggest Loser was off for a few weeks and it's back but I'm sad to say, I am not 100% in to it. The last two seasons haven't inspired me the way other seasons have. There is no bad-ass girl who is kicking butt and taking home thousands in cash prizes that I want to be like. There has been no pausing the show to go run a mile. But I'm still watching-kind of.

Next Gossip Girl was new for the first time in forever last night. I totally forgot, but my dvr didn't. Thank you, dvr. I cannot wait to watch this. I love my "teen" dramas almost as much as I love my Bravo reality shows.

Now all I need is for Glee to come back and I will be good to go.


JenC said...

I'm totally with you with regards to Biggest Loser. Not only am I not inspired, but I actually dislike many of the contestants especially that Michael guy this season.

Bridget Callahan said...

I think his purple wearing habits are directly linked to his being secretly 45th or 77th in line to throne of England.

Knowing that guy is doing an American accent like that every time is enough reason to watch the show for me. My DVR remembered too, and then it was like Christmas the next night when i looked at my list.