Who knew?

Normally I don't really do much with my hair for work. It's work. There are no eligible men in my department or on my floor at work for that matter (OK, there might be a couple but they don't fit my love of short, kind of balding, hairy, and work in the food industry in some way or another. They are nerdy bankers who may or may not still live with their mother or in their mother's house. ) Because of the lack of hotties, I tend to show up with my hair kind of looking like this every morning because sometimes I want to go back to bed after working out and sleep wins out over looking cute.
For some reason (and possibly the new Chi flat iron) I felt the need to straighten my hair this morning. I guess all I needed to do to get compliments at work about my appearance was to brush my hair. So in other words, I must look a hot mess almost every day...awesome.

side note: I must say Drew is looking pretty hot in this photo.

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alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

9 times out of 10 i go to work looking like a complete mess - and never care.

and when i do i get the same compliments... says something huh? haha