I am having one of those days where I now realize, I just should have stayed home. It started when I was getting changed to workout this morning at 5:15am and Bacon decides to throw up on my comforter. Then as I was headed out the door to workout, he decides to poop on the kitchen floor. My workout was crappy. I was running late for work after cleaning up puke and poop. I realize I have to stop at the gas station before work. I also realized I was due for on oil change sometime LAST AUGUST-maybe my car will blow up on the way home. My front tire looks like it needs air....Lakewood city taxes are due, I need a car wash, etc, etc. The mind starts going with my to-do (or should have been done months ago) list.
To top everything off, my least favorite time of the month just happens to be going on. I head to the bathroom with 1 lady product in pocket. I remove from the package and promptly drop it on the floor. OH SHIT! came out of my mouth (sorry to the person in the stall next to me). And I think to myself...TEN SECOND RULE.

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Always a Bridesmaid said...

Ha ha ha!! Well, at least tomorrow can only get better, right? :)