you give love a bad name

Tonight I came home to my gmail tab blinking...." BAD NEWS (not his real name, of course) says..." and then all the message said is "What Up?" After well over a year of no communication, no nothing (other than a random box of post it notes on my doorstep in December '08): I get a what up IM?! (Last I saw, he was engaged and so in love I might have wanted to cry-but that's what facebook stalking will get you)

This guy was not the guy for me and I knew it (EVERYONE knew it) but I allowed the nonsense of it all to continue for FAR TOO LONG. And then I was heartbroken when finally I said enough is enough.

So because I am totally a girl, I am way over-thinking the meaning of these two words after a year incommunicado. But I guess we will never know because 30 min of thinking about it made me want to kick my own ass.

Happy Valentine's Week!!!

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ANG* said...

i don't hate boys. but i hate boys that do that to girls. girls who totally have their shit together and have great little puppies and are totally gonna not settle and definitely know we're better off without those toxic boys around - but somehow those very boys can still get under our skin and make us question things. not cool.

chin up. you're not alone ;)