Sunday Bacon

Check out that ear! I just love it.

Also this week marked a big event in Bacon's short little life: he lost some "baby" teeth. I really tried VERY UNSUCCESSFULLY to get a photo because on the bottom he only he has his eye teeth and the two middle ones.

(ETA, I really hate my camera.....look how in focus that rug is but the giant image in the middle I want to be in focus, nope that's all kinds of blurry. Anyone have any great camera suggestions for me that aren't going to cost me over $500?


samkay64 said...

I actually have a spare camera somewhere. I really think it's down at Brian's old place, but no one there has seen it. If it ever turns up, it's yours.

Jane said...

I've heard some good things about this one:


And sometimes they go on sale.