yet another guilty pleasure

Dr. Drew is a TVDILF (TV Doctor I would Like to Fuck). So smart, so even keeled, such a helper. And have you ever seen those arms? Dr. Drew's been working out.

Besides my Dr. Drew fix, Celebrity Rehab is addicting. It's like Intervention but better because it's "famous" people...and by "famous" I mean seriosuly D-list has beens and never was'. These people are a hot mess. You know you are in trouble when Mackenzie Phillips seems to be the most sane one of the bunch. I feel so much better about myself after watching this show.

When the resident tech looks like she was on drugs when she got dressed, it has to be entertaining.


Mel said...

This is really the ONLY show I miss by not having cable anymore. *sigh*

I'll have to have the bf download 'em for me. :)

Suzanne said...

Mel, If the BF won't download them for you, I can save a few episodes up and we could have a Celebrity Rehab marathon.