show me the money

I had a half day today and Mel aka Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Your Boyfriend was looking for people to explore the city with. So we decided to head on over to the Federal Reserve to the Money Museum. I had always heard good things about this tour but while I did find it interesting about the gun turrets in the statues out front that can hold two men some small cannons and machine guns, I missed the money. I heard you were able to see the old vault but we missed the vault. No large stacks of money. Mel did get her face on a dollar bill though.

What we saw:
image found here.

What we didn't see:
image found here.


Mel said...

OK, looks as though we need to go at two very specific times to see the rest of the Fed Reserve -- Tuesday at 2pm or Thursday at 10am, AND need to schedule in advance (perhaps to do a background check? LOL). I'll DEFINITELY go back to make sure I can see that section of the bank.

Fun meeting up with you today!

Mel said...

Scratch that. No more seeing of the awesome vault and the remainder of the federal reserve building.

Sucky nine-eleven...