awesome realization for the day

I am thinking that it's a bad thing to realize you need a new pair of boots while sitting at your desk at work. And why do you need a new pair of boots? Because you can smell your own feet!


you had me at hello

I watched The Hangover this weekend, finally. It was funny but I didn't think it was all that. Maybe it's because I have never been to Vegas. Or maybe it's because I don't drink like a 21 year old with no regard for my liver...anymore. Anyway, Bradley Cooper is pretty.

But Renee??? She has that weird mouth thing thing she does that sort of makes her look like a blowfish or like she's sucked on a lemon or both. She looks like she needs a cheeseburger. I have always thought she looked like she was action packed full of needy-like her Jerry Maguire character.

Or maybe I am just drinking the haterade this morning.

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from here.
click around, the rest of the "magazine" is pretty good.



I can't believe the weekend seemed to go to fast and it was even a long one. Well, at least this week is short too.

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do you want to look like someone from the Jersey Shore???

You can find out how Dj Pauly D does his hair and even the products he uses...just in case you want your hair to look like it wouldn't move in a hurricane.


have it your way

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I hope that everyone is having a very happy holiday!


these streets will make you feel brand new

I am pretty much like almost every other woman in that I loved Sex and the City. So I am pretty excited about this trailer-just have to wait until the end of May to actually see the movie. I am not so sure about the girls trip but I will still see this...
What I am also not sure about is if I will buy my tickets in advance like I did for New Moon.



It's not really a secret that I love Main Street Cupcakes. Now if only they weren't so far away. Hudson is a hike from Lakewood and it's a pain in the behind to get to.
Good news--they are opening a Rocky River location early 2010!!! The new location is going to be at 19265 Detroit Road.
Now, I just have to give myself a cupcake limit or 2010 is going to be the year I will sign up to be on The Biggest Loser.
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kind of disturbing

For the girl who has everything...except hair!
That's what the company website says...baby bangs.
I don't understand why a baby needs bangs or fake hair...unless they are getting primed to be on Jersey Shore season 25. I guess their mom wants them to end up with "The Situation".

you say jean strap, I say "welcome back 80's"

Brining back the 80's one pant leg at a time. OK, I do have to admit these are kind of what I could use a pair of right now. Boots + jeans=bunching. And I don't like it. As long as I am not wearing stirups with flats and some bunchy socks, I think we're OK. Right?

well, they are

My friends are pretty awesome. Lots of people were worried about my little Bacon and were checking in on both me and him this past weekend. He is like a whole new pup-the minute he got home you could tell he was feeling better. He is eating like a champ and playing and biting just like he should. So, I want to say a HUGE Thank You!!!! to everyone who was thinking positive thoughts for the both of us.

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i might have a bit of a problem

I love nail polish...a lot. My mom once saw my nail polish collection and said "Oh, Suzanne" and not in an approving tone. Well the collection just got a little bigger and I am blaming All Lacquered Up for these additions-she provided a coupon code for 50% off at Rescue Beauty Lounge on her blog that i just couldn't pass up (nor could a few of my friends-as weordered together to save on shipping).
What color am I going to try first?
Oh, Suzanne!
Teal (which as you can see has now sold out)


ipod case

I love the way the leather strap holds your headphones in place (since that's what I do with them anyway).


Friday Bacon

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. New puppy. New, now sick, puppy. Two days ago, Bacon wasn't feeling so hot but by the end of the day was feeling better. Then yesterday he didn't eat at all. A quick call to the vet and next thing I know, I am leaving work to come home and spoon feed baby food to my new pup. Most likely, it's just a virus and he should be good to go. I have a vet appointment in a couple of hours. Hopefully good news. He did eat a bit (only to throw some of it up--yum). He wants to be so close to me the only way to look at the internet was to put him on the desk.

Yep, it's official, I am already a person I hate as I can't seem to talk about anything else other than the dog. And no, that lady in Target doesn't care that I just got a dog but I am going to tell her about him anyway!

ETA: Back from the vet, Bacon has parvo and a intestinal parasite. Awesome. He is at the vet for treatment-iv fluids and the like...Please think good thoughts for my baby.


you can never have enough calendars

Story by Mia has both a desk calendar and a mini calendar with iconic Eames chairs. Until I can afford my own real live Eames chair, maybe a calendar will suffice. And you can never have too many calendars, right?


Sunday Bacon



This is the little man I was going to meet yesterday and one I saw him, I knew he had to be mine. He was so scared when he got to my house, he was just shaking and wouldn't move off the blanket the breeder gave me. This morning, he is much more active and comfortable. And by comfortable, I mean peeing all over the place (1/3 of the time on the pee pad).


'tis the season to be fabulous

This year, there will be no Christmas/Holiday cards. I might be a slacker or it could be because I didn't think to look at Offensive+Delightful earlier. Either way, Happy Holidays.

My favorite holiday cards:

My favorite other occasion cards:

I should probably buy 5 or 10 of these...

Maybe I should just stock up now so I am prepared for all occasions in 2010.

*side note: Paper Trails in Rocky River does carry some Offensive+Delightful cards for when you are buying locally.


it's almost Saturday

I am having a hard time concentrating today. One, because it's Friday and two, because I have an appointment/meeting tomorrow that I am very excited about. (The photo is a hint.)
I can't even stand it.
Hopefully there will be more details tomorrow.


tag, you're it

I have a friend that this t-shirt would be perfect for as she wants approval on every photo she is tagged in. She was a little slow to learn how to untag herself or filter who can see the photos she is tagged in.

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This is going to be my one and only resolution for 2010!!!

Seriously, this is going to be my one and only New Year's resolution. I think that this one resolution should actually resolve a few of the other issues that would normally fit under other resolutions.
And I think 2010 should be about simplifying things.

photo from here.
And yes, I do realize this is the first post after a post about how I would love a job where my sole function would be to shop.


a job I would like to have

I recently discovered Man Shops Globe on the Sundance channel, thanks to my new cable channels. The show follows Keith Johnson, a buyer for Anthropoligie, on some of his shopping/buying excursions. I usually don't like to watch other people shop but in this case, I kind of get a little shopping high myself.

And how awesome would a job in shopping be?


Give her the gift that even Santa can't deliver

Thanks CBS! Make sure you add pap smear to your Christmas list.

And I am pretty sure most women will agree that if their man got them a pap smear for Christmas, someone is not getting laid for a long, long, long time.

Or for my Jewish friends...it's a schmear.


Amanda, you are NOT America's choice

Amanda, you are a big whiney baby. I kind of wanted to kick you last night.
Tara, how I have missed you kicking ass and taking names on the Biggest Loser.

Last season, I was so motivated by the Biggest Loser, I would pause my DVR and go for a mile run in the middle of the show. This season, I just want to throw my running shoe at my TV.

This morning I was still slightly irritated by Amanda's poor attitude and tears during her marathon. I felt like if Tara wasn't there to cheer her on and run with her, then she never would have finished. So motivated, yet again, by Tara (and a couple of workout buddies of my own and their promise of Dunkin Donuts coffee), I signed up for the Reindeer Run this Saturday. Maybe for the possibility of a $250,000 cash prize I would do a marathon but for now Dunkin Donuts coffee and a 5k are all we're going to get.


review time

Today I had my annual performance review at work and my boss told me I "exceed expectations." And while that's great news for my life at work, I think I really need to carry this in to my dating life. I exceed expectations in all areas.

OK, maybe that's too cheesy, even for me.