waiting, waiting, waiting

I am just hanging around waiting for the cable guy. No, not Larry, the actual cable guy. To hopefully install my AT&T U-verse. Normally, I would be so happy to have no where to go, no errands to run. But since I have to wait from 9-11am (I am sure he's showing up at 11 and the prospect of more channels and a dvr in the bedroom have me antsy like a kid on Christmas) for the cable guy, I feel like I am trapped.
Here's hoping my cable guy found his sleeves.


All I want for Christmas

I secretly wish some brand would contact me and offer to send me free samples of things in hopes that I would blog about how awesome it is (or know to keep my mouth shut if the product sucked and just thank them for the free goodies).
Even though I want to be a sell-out, I do have just some minor requirements. I want awesome candles (Kobo is preferred), hair products (frizz preventing, straightening, shine enhancing, quick dying), shoes (J.Crew can you hear me? Do you need some wide calf boots road tested? I am your woman), nail polish (Opi, Essie, Rescue Beauty Lounge, I'll take 'em all)....
Actually, I am not sure I want all of these things with strings attached but it would be nice to get the things I already buy for free every now and again.
And if I can't have any of those, can I just get a Bacon of the Month club (the 6 month one at least) membership?


it's about a crush, but not a crush on a vampire (finally)

I have a pretty serious crush on Jason Segel. And not just because he showed his business in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But that didn't hurt the crush factor.
(There were no special effects.)

(Only call it if you need me.)
Is it so wrong that I want to call the number?


Blog it forward

Amelia, the awesome and generous Chef's Widow, decided to use her resources to host a happy hour benefit at the Greenhouse Tavern to help Anissa and her family after Anissa had a stroke (at the age of 35 and she is the mother of 3 children).
If you can, stop in at The Greenhouse next Thursday for some extra special specials and to help a family in need.


My family is celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday night because we're a bit goofy. Since my actual turkey day was going to be free, one of my friends invited me over to her house. She requested a signature drink or something of that nature as my contribution...hmm, something festive, something tasty, and something alcoholic. An Irish Float might be good but not really festive for Thanksgiving. Friday night I tried Jeni's Red Hot Apple Cider sorbet mixed with champagne and it was tasty. Where can I get my hands on more of the sorbet byThursday short of driving to Columbus?
Anyone have any other fun fall cocktails they can suggest?


Getting ready for New Moon

I am not sure why the woman at the Giant Eagle thought this was such an odd combination.
Happy Saturday!


Dear Diary...

I have never been able to keep a diary. I might write for a week or so and then I drop it like a bad habit. I do understand that a blog is like a diary but I guess all this blog is a diary of is things that I like at that moment which in a way makes me seem very shallow. (I just choose not to use this forum to tell you how awesome or not awesome I am...anyway.) Because I am not really a diary person, I kind of like the idea of this diary...not a lot of writing, multiple choice, some drawings.

And I thought I was bad....

Then I saw Jen Lancaster's post about New Moon. She wins! She takes the cake!
She has action figures.

And she wrote a little story and took photos of said action figures to coincide with the story.
Too bad the action figure Alice and Bella don't have a yellow Porche to drive in (like in the book) but a dirty running shoe.



It's not a secret, I love food. And this lover of food is in love with this concept...donuts and cupcakes at the same time. Oh holy yum.

from Oh Joy!

3/50 Holiday style

I originally heard about the 3/50 project back in April but since the Holidays are upon us, we all will be doing a little more shopping than we were doing in April. Amelia, aka Chef's Widow, has an awesome post/local holiday shopping guide. Danielle, from Room Service, contributed an awesome list of local shops and restaurants to Design Sponge that can also help you with your project of buying local for the Holidays.
Now get shopping!


I will stay if...

I love Cleveland, I really do. Every now and again I have the sudden urge to run away but that's less about Cleveland than it is about me wanting to run away from myself. There are lots of reasons that keep me here though besides the fact it's where I grew up. For better or for worse, Cleveland is my home. But let's work on the for better part, 'cause the for worse part isn't as much fun.

“I Will Stay If…” Cleveland Edition will take place at Speakeasy (1948 W. 25th Street-under the Bier Markt, 44113, http://speakeasy216.com) on
Wednesday November 18 from 5:30 – 8:30 PM.
Please join in and participate in the IWSI documentary project with acclaimed local photographers Bryon Miller and Suzanne Cofer.
Food and drink specials are available to event participants. $5 suggested donations are welcome at the door.

For more information about GLUE, please visit http://gluespace.org. To learn more about what’s behind IWSI, please visit http://iwillstayif.org.
For donor, organization and event information please visit our website http://iwsicleveland.blogspot.com or contact iwsicleveland@gmail.com.

A personal manifesto

Everyone should have their own. But this one is pretty nifty.

found here.

Monday morning bacon

It's been a while since I have had some bacon on here and I also went to Lucky's over the weekend for a little bacon fix. So in honor of the best bacon at Lucky's, here are some bacon nails!!


Important Bulletin

No matter what Lady Gaga and Sienna Miller say, tights are not pants, and should not be worn as such.


Wen the moon hits your eye...

Normally I don't get sucked in to infomercials. OK, there was the Shark Steam Mop. And the Snuggie. (the Snuggie doesn't really count as it was a gift) I don't own a Shamwow or any Ronco products. I have never ordered from QVC. Why order from television when there is the World Wide Web out there. But I am a sucker for a hair product and Chaz Dean sucks me in with his promises....

Just look at his luxurious hair....
Don't you just feel the need to get out the credit card?

Nope, me neither. Not really. Not until I saw Mr. Chaz with Jeff Lewis.
I'm buying what that man is selling.

And they sell it on Amazon so it doesn't really count as buying off television.
My record remains clean.


Um, yeah. Happy Friday.

found here.


The last days of Gourmet

Conde Nast announced it will cease publication of Gourmet magazine after the November issue. This is just another causality of our current economy and it's sad.

Kevin DeMaria, Art Director at Gourmet for the last eight years, decided to document some of the Last Days of Gourmet.

I like boys who sparkle

from Lamebook.


Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

I think my life would be more complete with some disco steps up the back hallway. Maybe I can convince my landlord how awesome this would be. And necessary.

found here.

I am going to keep on wearing pink

Douchebag solidarity.


What would Obama wear?

Now you can get the weather and outfit suggestions from the President. Go here.

This might be taking a trend too far

From the company's website: Clearly the result of an explosion in an idiot factory, this crazy fetch toy is brought to you by the loons behind the similarly preposterous Humunga Tongue. The difference is it’s shaped like a giant comedy moustache.

As if you needed an explanation, the Humunga Stache is actually a non-toxic rubber ball with a ‘tache section moulded on to it. When pooch picks up the ball the moustache bit sticks out so that he/she immediately resembles a Victorian gent/Wild West outlaw/member of the Village People. With fur, paws and a shiny nose. It’s totally barking.



After Chef's Widow posted this GEM of a website, it didn't take me long to find a tattoo that kind of made me giggle. When you have webbed toes, you should have a sense of humor about it, no?


because I am finally getting around to uploading photos

Masks seemed like such a good idea for the girl who hates to dress up for Halloween.

This is my mean face...can't you tell?

But this is what I ended up looking like the rest of the night: slightly intoxicated with a gold cape on and something flashy on my head,

Made in the216

Danielle, of Room Service, has expanded her Made in the 216 event to include a special holiday shop located just to the right of the newly renovated Capitol Theater.
This Friday (11.6) kicks of the opening of the Holiday Shoppe with a party that everyone is welcome to attend. And each Friday (11.13, 11.20 and 11.27) there will be live music.
The shop will be open daily from 5-9pm.

bacon jam

Well holy hot damn, it's bacon jam!

You can find the recipe here. I will be attempting this VERY soon.


Glee at the World Series

did anyone manage to catch this?


Team Edward

Sometimes, I think Robert Pattinson is hot!

Sometimes, I think he looks creepy!
(Doesn't it look like he has fangs here? It might be fitting, but I am pretty sure this isn't a scene from an upcoming Twilight movie.)
And sometimes, he looks like he needs to be introduced to a bar of soap and some shampoo.

I do feel less creepy looking at photos of Robert Pattinson than I do looking at pictures of a 17 years old male without his shirt on. A little less "hey little boy, you want some candy?"

photos from here.

My Fair Lazy

I think Jen Lancaster is HYSTERICAL. And while I don't always agree with her (she's a Republican through and through), she's damn funny. So today I see she has a new book coming out and it's available for pre-order now. The book doesn't come out until 5.4.10. Seriously?! You tell me this news and make me wait over six months? Boo. I guess I can reread her website/blog in the meantime.