Happy Halloween!

Just don't lose your head! Ugh, that was bad, even for me.
Tonight, I am going as Huracan Azul and there will be some photos next week.


this guy...

...is kind of awesome. I would like to know him for real.
He looks like he might have some really good stories and be fun to drink with.


I can believe this but it's something I never really thought about.
from here.


Halloween costumes

I already have my costume (not all of it totally but a good portion of it is completed) but there is something about this photo that cracks me up and wish I was going as a French burglar for Halloween. Maybe it's my desire to carry around a baguette-it's a weapon and a snack.

And I am glad I don't have a dog, because the poor little buddy would look like this.


shake that ass b!tch and let me see what you got

It's an butt, it's a gaping bum hole, it's a speaker. Tap that ass, and you turn it on. Kick up the volume with some caressing. Ah, just like life (less the gaping bum hole part).

Found at Gizmodo.

odd craving

I am having an odd craving for coconut flavored bubble tea this morning. Sometimes cravings can be tied to some missing nutrient. I wonder what nutrient bubble tea contains.


You've got to be tough

I first saw this t-shirt worn by Anthony Bourdain on the episode where he visits Cleveland (only to eat at Skyline chili..OF ALL THINGS. That's not even Cleveland, that's a different, crappy, Ohio city.) I guess it the phrase, "You've got to be tough" was popular in the 70's. Contrary to popular belief, I don't remember much of the 70's in Cleveland. My first Cleveland memory takes place inside Municipal Stadium in the early 80's...my family had season tickets in the Dawg Pound, the original non-watered down, no PSL's, no messing around Dawg Pound. In other words, the perfect place to take a 4 year old.



as much as I wanted the aubergine...

Olive is just as nice. Thanks Ruelala.com.


Friday bacon

A girl can dream, can't she?!
found here.

Thank God It's Friday

I am thankful this week is almost over. It's been a pretty trying week and I wish this was my bedroom. The fact that it's small is not a concern. Between the brick walls, the plush rug, the night stand that would be perfect in my actual bedroom, I am not sure I would ever want to leave it.


How much do you have to like coffee in order to ask what I think is the most important question of some one's life in it's foam?

Or what about this life changing notice? Yep, say it through coffee, why not?!

This doesn't seem weird at all. Of course the person who takes time to stencil their coffee loves cats.

available at Coffee Stencil if you are so inclined.

In keeping with the recent theme of vampires that I can't seem to get over---this ring is perfect. At least it's not another post about Twilight and my weird obsession with teenaged vampires.
from VeraMeat.


I love you, Will Schuester

This is my must see tv....

This show has quickly turned in to my can't miss show of the week. That's really saying something too...with Gossip Girl, every show on Bravo, and Biggest Loser to contend with.

I am right. You are wrong.

I like this set of cars, except I would need more of the "I am right. You are wrong cards." Actually it's more likely that I would need just a whole box of the "I am in a bad mood and taking it out on you" cards.

found here.

Learn something

This might be true but it's not going to hurt to try. Just not this week, I am taking a little detox week. It comes right on the tail of birthday week....

I am not sure what lucky person got to record this but that's one heck of a fart. Yum.

check out Learn Something Everyday and learn something new.


Tuesday bacon

I was looking at bacon tattoos online today and I found this gem. He's taken a couple fads and rolled them in to one awful tattoo. And does he shave his knuckles?!
found here.

his and hers

These pillows are cute. Found here.



I tried these boots on again this past weekend. I was able to get them off without causing bruising, unlike last time. Can I get a girdle (or some sort of "shapewear" since that's what girdles are now called) for my calves?


I went to Columbus and all I got was....

A new purse and some new shoes!
And my favorite new cocktail...a pop rocks martini. I had a few too many of these....so today was recovery day.



is my birthday.

image from here.



Who thinks like this?

found here.


With the temperature outside getting colder, the temperature inside my house is getting colder too. I try to turn on the heat as late as possible-it's still not on, I am trying to hold out until November. I keep my house COLD! Penguins could be comfortable in the temp I keep my house. (If you want to come over, don't forget your gloves and a heavy sweater) The hardwood floors don't help the warmth. Maybe it's time I broke down and got a rug for the bedroom. Or maybe just thicker socks.

from Flor.

First thing Tuesday

This morning I have an interview for another position within my company. And I am wondering if maybe I should shoot a little bit higher...


Say What?!

Tonight's the finale of the Rachel Zoe Project! No more Braditude for a while. BANANAS!

I'm a sucker

After 27 Dresses posted this quiz, I figured I would give it a shot.
And it says I'm a Negotiator/Builder. A few things it pointed out to me that stung a little bit when I read them: (not because they aren't true but because sometimes the truth hurts)
  • When you feel betrayed you can be unforgiving and hold a grudge too long.
  • Your need to please can make you placating and your trusting nature can make you gullible.
What a catch!

the start of a good day

Yesterday morning I was up early to head in to the Valley to cheer on some friends that were running in the Towpath races (2 in the half marathon and 1 in the 10k). It was my kind of fall morning. After the races we headed to Hudson for brunch at Vue with bottomless mimosas for $10...PERFECT! And as if we hadn't consumed enough at brunch (both food wise and mimosa wise), there was the stop at Main Street Cupcakes. The french toast cupcake is amazing.
And there is a rumor that they might be opening a shop in Rocky River...


moustache bandages

I guess it's cheaper than a tattoo too.

from here, via swissmiss.


A somewhat-new obsession

Seriously! Can't get enough of this show. And Finn's "dancing" is the best part of most of the musical numbers for me.

"The way you use your mental illness to help these kids is really inspiring. I'm shocked you're not married!"


it's getting to be that time of year

For the past few years, I have been sporting a pumpkin orange winter jacket. I decided I was over it for this winter and it's a little too big (not a bad thing at all-so not complaining). I have been on the hunt for a while now and actually I decided on this coat. And it was less than $100 but doesn't look like it was.


Runner's up:

from Old Navy.


Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

Guy Fieri ate at one of my favorite places in Cleveland a few months back and the episode is airing on 10.12. Here's a little preview of what he ate here.



I wish I owned my own house so I could put this wallpaper somewhere, anywhere.


birthday bacon

Since it doesn't seem that I will be getting this cake for my birthday next week:

May I suggest this one:

found here.

new ink

Now I have a couple of tattoos that people wonder about but this is a whole new level. And I like Twilight but WOW! This takes Twilight love to a whole new level. I thought I was weird for already having New Moon tickets for the day after it opens.

found here.


I would like to say Thank You

Thank you to all my sick co-workers who couldn't keep their germs to themselves. I want to give special thanks to the woman behind me who insisted on coming in to work at her sickest and coughing her way down the aisles. The makers of Zicam, Alka Seltzer Plus Cold, Halls and orange juice thank you too.

As a result, I am spending my weekend with these people: