tis the season

Everyone at work is sick and it's kind of grossing me out. I am over people coughing and sneezing-cover your mouth, go home, don't infect the office you nasty freaks. Maybe I should just walk around with a can of Lysol and possibly a better attitude.

what does it mean? what can you do about it?

Another one of my favorites, Mike Doughty, is coming to town soon (10.13). He even has a song called "More Bacon Than the Pan Can Handle" so I kind of have to love him right? I don't think that I can ask Nikki to go to this one with me as I think I am still paying for the last show she went to with me. And it's on a Tuesday.

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I have mentioned once or twice or thirty times that I was in a funk for a long time. And I finally started to feel like I was coming out of it a few months ago. Things have been a bit weird since then because for the most part things were getting back to normal...except one major aspect, my social life. And by social life, I mean dating life. I was getting hella down on the Cleveland scene and how small it seemed to be. Everyone all up in everyone else's business. I wasn't meeting anyone "new". And I just sort of accepted that's the way it was going to be, except it wasn't. A random evening at a random bar sort of showed me that was not how it had to be and my faith was renewed (too bad he wove his freak flag way early). Cleveland isn't as small as I thought, it's as small as you make it. My eyes have been opened and I feel like a bear fresh out of hibernation (with the hormones of the average Twilight reader...awesome.) Watch out!

Snow and Graham

I love the Snow & Graham calendars. So much so, that I already got my 2010 calendar. What can I say, I am a planner.


it's the best part of the muffin

OK, Gap. I am not sure what you are going for here. This poor girl looks like she hasn't eaten since 2002 and yet these jeans are giving her a muffin top. Now imagine what a real woman, with her own muffin top without jeans on would look like in these jeans. I am betting it's not cute but I sure as hell am not going to try them on to let you know.

It's days like today...

It's days like today when I really miss the MAC store in Tower City. It's Friday, I have no desire to go above and beyond therefore I have taken care of what I needed to. I would love to go play with makeup like the 15 year old girl I seem to be these days.

it's not all bacon

But who doens't love a meat baby? With a bacon diaper?

another sweat suit???

Seriously, another velour sweat suit to work?! We don't work in a gym, we work for one of the biggest banks in the country. We even paid back our TARP money ahead of schedule.
That's it. Next week I am coming to work in my pajamas. I might even bring my slippers.


trying to find a costume

October 31st will be here before you know it and I will be stuck without a costume if I don't plan ahead. Maybe I should go as bacon, like this guy.
found here.

I suck

I am really bad with the internet lately. I am behind on my reader. I haven't even looked for bacon products or bacon food stuffs. I am not sick (knock on wood, my office seems to have the plague). Or sad. Or angry. Thought today I am a bit tired. I am just consumed by fall television but nothing totally noteworthy or funny. I am feeling a little lack of inspiration.
But things are looking up!


appropriate work wear?

Just because there is "suit" in the title, that does not mean this is appropriate work wear.
It's true we can wear jeans, but this is not a denim tuxedo. You're going to work, not pajama jammy jam.

Monday, again.

Monday. It's my first full week in a while and I am not sure I am looking forward to that. But I had a good weekend and I am not sure that I could continue. There was a lot of drinking. An amazing pumpkin ale that I wish I knew the name of was consumed in large quantities. Which led to bubble gum shots. Which led to a mighty nasty hangover. But it was worth it.

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I love this. Seriously. Love. And it's perfect.


Finally! I can get back to life as a 32 year old woman and not that of a crazed teenager. This morning I finished the final book. Now we can get back to regularly scheduled programming such as reality tv, what my crazy neighbors have done to annoy me and stuff I want to buy.


how healthy are you?

Why go to the doctor when you can use these books to analyze your health? You don't need all those pesky tests, just a toilet.

both available at Fred Flare.


Not too shabby

I am not a dress girl. I very rarely wear a skirt. But these dresses from Shabby Apple make me want to wear more dresses.


Sex and the City 2

I am a girl so of course I want to see this movie. Although the flashback (at least I hope that's what they are) shots have me a bit worried.

Side note: normally I don't like what Miranda's character is outfitted in, but I love this look.

Whip It

Today is going to be about the movies I want to see. Next up, Whip It. Roller-derby really isn't my thing but I this movie kind of interests me. It opens 10.2. And it's on my list.

The September Issue

I can't wait to see this movie. It opens in Cleveland on 9.25.


Capitol Theater-mark your calendars

The newly renovated Capitol Theater plans to open on 10.3.09 The building is located on W. 65th street, just north of Detroit. And right around the corner from a few of my favorites in Cleveland (Room Service, Kitsch City, and Luxe). There will be grand-opening events on Thursday and Friday. One of the first films they will be showing starting Saturday 10.3, is the Lebron James documentary "More Than a Game."

The theater is owned but the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization but will be managed by Cleveland Cinemas. So it will be our own little Cedar Lee on the West Side. I can't wait!!!

1 month

I asked for this cake last year for my birthday in plenty of time for my friends to arrange the creation of the cake....I didn't get it!
I am giving a bit less advance warning, but the request is the same.


It's Monday night again

Why are you giving me Braditude right now? I die.

Brad and Taylor are shutting it down this season. They are bff's and Rachel seems to be the odd man out. And Rodger...he can't seem to hide his contempt for his wife either. Let's make it the Brad, Tay, and Rodg show and I would be happy. I would be less BANANAS too.

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye

Way to pick on a girl on live television. You giant...

image from Perez Hilton.

pancakes and donuts


knock, knock, knock on wood

A dark gray house with a bright door. I like!


measure your banana

Get these just in time for the weekend!

found here.

The Bridge Project

Starting Friday, 9.25 at 4 until midnight and continuing Saturday, 9.26 from noon until midnight the streetcar level of the Detroit Superior Bridge will be free to the public as part of the IngenuityFest. The streetcar level is just below and parallel to the main/vehicle level of this great bridge. There will be art installations, exhibits, and performances, mainly revolving around technology, throughout the space. Go here for more information such as how to get there and the schedule.

Ink calendar

This calendar is self-updating as the ink is absorbed. The artist believes the self-updating calendar enhances the perception of time passing and not only signaling it. I wish this wasn't just an exhibit but available for purchase.

from Oscar Diaz.


Kevin Gillespie/Yukon Cornelius

Thanks, Justine, for pointing out why my favorite on this season's Top Chef looks so familiar to me.

And it doesn't affect my chef crush at all.

I seem to have lost

In the last few months, I seem to have lost my baking mojo. It's very odd thing to lose and I am not sure how I managed it. Some of the same recipes I once saw as fail-safe have failed me. I can't even seem to get box brownies right these days. I follow the recipes to a T and something happens...FAIL.

put a smile on your face

I like this print and think it might be great next to a mirror in the bathroom or right next to the door so I see it on my way out.

great in bed

found here.


When can I move in?

images found on Design to Inspire.

speaking of meat

United Steaks of America. They didn't have Ohio but how can you not love Texas?

be careful what you wish for

Facebook can be fun for internet stalking. While it may be fun to see some people haven't aged so gracefully, it can also tell you things you don't really want to know. Facebook might want to think about coming with a warning label.
One example could be: "DANGER! You might find that old flames have new loves! They aren't sitting there pining away for you. Get off the computer and get a life."