I need to get a whole bunch of cards and I wish I could find these in a store around here.

I think this card was made just for me. I feel like I am becoming kind of lame as I age.

We're running out of time and we don't have a dress

It's Monday which now means it's Rachel Zoe Project night. Something to look forward to other than the very depressing, Intervention. How can you look at a wall of shoes and be sad? Even if it does make me crave a venti Starbucks.

images from the Huffington Post.


I have a very distinct type

Short, hairy, and balding/bald are not dirty words to me. And my friends know my type well. Last night while waiting to get soup at the Souper Market, the guy behind the counter fit the profile and my friend said "He's hairy. You like hairy."

Adam Richman from Man vs. Food.
(image found here.)

Duff and Geof from the Ace of Cakes. I like them both even though Geof isn't so short but I would be willing to make a sacrifice.
(image found here.)

I am starting to sense a theme here besides the short, hairy, balding.
Kevin Gillespie from this season of Top Chef-Las Vegas.
(image from here.)

There are more but I think you get the idea.


from Enid via Bliss


I die!

BANANAS! I just realized that I am going to miss the premier of the second season of the Rachel Zoe Project because of my trip to Jacksonville. I am kind of dying but thank heavens for dvr and the fact that Bravo will repeat this more times than I can count if something was to happen to the DVR.

I am so happy that the new seasons of old favorites are starting back up. Yay for fall.


leaving on a jet plane

I'll be traveling for work for a few days, Monday to Wednesday, and I will be traveling with my boss. I guess this isn't the appropriate suitcase for the trip.
See you Wednesday!


pink pie plate

...had to have it. Now a pie with bacon is in order.
Thanks to Nicole.


because I don't have $500 just sitting around

I recently found out that Target has some Eames knock-offs. And since I don't have the $479+ tax that DWR is asking for the real thing, I am thinking about the knock-off.

from Target and it's 15% off.

the original, from Design Within Reach and not even close to 15% off.

Is this Target knock-off the equivalent of buying a fake Fendi?

bacon: how I love you, let me count the ways

Danielle, the owner of one of my favorite shops, Room Service, is on to my bacon-love. Yesterday she sent me a link to 100 Ways to Use a Strip of Bacon. Maybe I should make my way through this list in order. It will be like the Julie/Julia Project only instead of French cooking, all bacon! My arteries thank you.


Don't underestimate the Force.

Now you can dress up like a character from Star Wars in your everyday life, every nerds dream.
Mark Ecko now has Star Wars hoodies...and what a bargain starting at $98.00. I think if I saw someone wearing this, I might have the urge to give them a swirlie.

jen loves kev

Jen loves Kev is one of my favorite blogs. Besides the fact that I really like her distinct personal style, I also really like her house. How I would love to paint my walls a dark gray.


Usually I like a little more color in my curtain, but this is lovely. Absolutely lovely.


parking ticket

Sometimes I wish I had these so I could passive-aggressively tell someone they park like an asshole.

found here.

fabric necklace...

...wouldn't that just be called a scarf?

To be fair, Instructables calls it a fabric necklace/scarf.


Project Runway, it's back!

And it's about time!

But before the new season starts, eight fan favorites return to compete in a two hour special called "Project Runway: All Star Challenge" Thursday night at 8pm on Lifetime.
Then at 10, the new season starts! Thursday nights are good for something other than the Real Housewives of Atlanta, again.


These are fun little appetizer plates. But in reality, do you really need appetizer plates no matter how cute they are? Maybe we should call them salad plates. I could use more salad so more salad plates might be fitting.
from cb2.



My friend, Justine, told me about this great skirt she found at Banana Republic a few weeks ago. Ever since then, I have been debating on purchasing it. I try not to buy the same thing a friend has because then you have to worry about if you are going to wear it on the same day and the copy cat thing. But it's so cute.

it's swell

It was recently announced that the Swell Season will release their second album this fall. "Strict Joy" is the name of their follow up album to the "Once" film and soundtrack.
You can find a little preview: here

Cookie, you are so not Domino

When Domino folded, they transferred my subscription to Cookie. No thank you. I don't have kids, I don't want a magazine about kids. I want a magazine about kids as much as I want to be friends with ex-hookups on Facebook.


bad tattoo Thursday

I don't think a back piece tattoo expressing your love of such a losing team is acceptable even if you played for the Browns. They might be taking their team pride a bit too far with this one.
Ladies, how would you feel if this was your man?

image from Metromix.com

feelin' hot hot hot

The air in my office hasn't been working so it's been almost unbearable at work these last few days. One should not sit and sweat while they are just sitting at their desk. I should not lose 5 pounds of water weight at work. Today it's back and this has made everyone a little more pleasent to be around. Good thing the week is almost over.



dreaming of cardigan weather

I know I love summer but I really should clarify that statement. I really love summer weekends. I hate hot, muggy, summer work days. If I can sit and lounge by the pool, I really don't care if it's a heat index of 105. But if I have to walk a quarter mile to work in it, I am going to be SWEATY and MISERABLE. So today I am dreaming about fall.

Always at the wrong time, always at a different time.

from I Can Read.


I am really not ready for the week to start (and it started much like last week finished, with people being a major pain). I had a little too much fun this weekend and so I need time to recover. But recovery time isn't going to happen, not quite yet.


I used to like you...

...until you went on Top Chef Masters and made those awesome chefs create a menu following your crazy requests. You're a vegan with a gluten allergy who doesn't eat soy? Wow! I bet you're real fun to go out to eat with.


I fail at being a girl

I embarrassed to admit my failure as a girl, I really don't know how to do my hair. I can leave it curly, which actually consists of doing nothing but brushing it when it's wet and using some product. I can dry it straight, but if there is 1% of humidity in the air, it will manage to start frizzing and get wavy. And the other look I have mastered is the pony-tail. I decided I need to add another look to my repertoire so I decided to try hot rollers. And because I am challenged in the hair department, I decided to turn to YouTube for help. I have watched various videos and still haven't figured it out. So if you see me and my hair looks a hot mess, know it's because I am trying, not because I am a crazy lady. But please don't ask me to master a braid.