yum-o, it's Friday

Bacon wrapped cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers. Yes, please!

Tonight I am headed out to Kent to see Joe Purdy. Luckily, I am don't have to go by myself either. Thanks Nikki!

Or if you are a fan of Lost, you may remember this version of the song Wash Away.

Vintage maps


It's back!!!

The second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta starts tonight!! 10pm.
I know where I'll be.

Now listen here Mister....

from Flickr. And how much do I love that the White House has a flickr?!


love is blind

from Red Bubble.

crazy person pants

Are these the pants of a crazy person? I believe the answer is YES. Even if $48 isn't a crazy amount of money to spend on pants, $48 is a crazy amount to spend on these pants.
These look the pants of an aging hippie art teacher...so yes, these are the pants of a crazy person.

Anthropolige, you hurt my feelings with this one.

It wasn't me

I didn't write this postcard but I am not saying I don't agree with it.

from PostSecret.


Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure

Make your way around Meatland? Sure but I might prefer a different kind of meat.

The description on the box:

Join Mr. Bacon on a mouth-watering mosey through Meatland! On your journey, you’ll have to navigate your way through the Mustard Marsh, cross the eerie expanse of Wiener Wasteland and sail on the Sausage Sea. If you make it past the deceptive detour of Vegan Alley and avoid getting grounded in Gristle Grotto, you might just make it to the Great Frying Pan at the end of the trail.

new branding

I know that Jamie Oliver's stuff has been all over but I have not seen this packaging. Love!


from CB2.


Did you know what tomorrow is?

Paul Ruebens Day! Did you even know something like that existed? OK, it doesn't look like it's occurred since 2007 but maybe we should work on bringing it back.


The new j.crew catalog is out and I want it all. I am getting excited for fall clothes, maybe it's because the weather hasn't been all that warm here in Cleveland.

dark room

New color by Opi for Sephora. Wow! Love! Need to have!

Good riddance

Good riddance is basically what my mom said when I told her about the recent engagement of a past mistake in judgement on my part. Actually she said, "Good, now he will stay the hell away from you!" (For the record, we have managed to stay away from each other a good year now) But when I told her about Jeff Tanchak's marriage a while back, she was heartbroken. I think she was holding out hope that I would run in to him on the streets of Cleveland and he would fall madly in love with me.


Yoga Today

Each week, Yoga Today, offers a FREE, one-hour, streaming yoga class. You do need to register but registration itself is free. There is also a list of one hour classes that you can purchase for $3.99. What I like is that it's a real yoga class without the gas noises from strangers.


Has anyone heard of this book?

I just heard about this book. I wonder if it's an intersting/good read.
from Amazon.

broken instrument

from i can read.



This past week or so, I have been super busy at work and I am trying to work some overtime so I can pay for the fun I have already had.
This work stuff really cuts in to my internet time.


laser cut

Rock 'n' roll bbq

Michelle over at Cleveland Foodie is having a contest to win free tickets to the Cleveland Food Rocks Rock 'N' Roll BBQ that is happening this Sunday.

All you need to do is list your top five songs for a summer playlist. You have from now until noon on Thursday.

Go HERE for more info and to enter!


Budget Cuts

Times are tough...

kitchen love

I have been spending a little time coveting other people's kitchens. Last year it was home offices, this year, kitchens.


Wash Away

I just found out that Joe Purdy is coming to Kent on Friday, 7.31.09. I missed a bunch of shows that I wanted to see for lack of someone to go with (most recently Carbon Leaf and Colin Hay) but I am planning on heading to see Joe, even if it means going alone.
Look, he's even saving that seat for me!

is it too early for fall shopping?

This weekend's weather has me thinking about fall clothes and in particular, this cardigan from J.Crew.

Print Magazine

I came across this photo of Alan Dye, a creative director at Apple and the one of the left. First I was drawn to the magnum of champagne but then the menus on the wall behind him. What a great idea and something I would like to have to commemorate some of my favorite meals/celebrations.

a tad bit bigger version of the photo....
Found on Simple + Pretty.

Monday Bacon

Why couldn't I have found this before I headed to Michigan for the long holiday weekend?


is it trash day?

Most of the time, I buy wines by their label. I am a sucker for marketing, what can I say. And I am not a wine connoisseur, just a consumer.

Found on The Dieline.

A shot in the Dark

I have been seriously slacking on my running and by slacking I mean since I completed my first 5k in May I can count my runs on one hand (maybe two but that's being generous). Not good! But I decided to run the Winking Lizard's Shot in the Dark 2 mile run next weekend because 1. I am an idiot 2. I am crazy (the run consists mainly of running over a bridge and running back-yeah bridges and heights are not my friends) 3. it's only 2 miles 4. no one is hold a gun to my head to make sure I don't walk and this last one is the most important one 5. there will be drinking afterwards!!! Now if there was drinking BEFORE, that would be my kind of race.

image found here.


a DIY project I might actually do

This could be a fun project. And since it doesn't seem like it's an expensive project, who cares if I hate it after 6 months.

living proof

I can't wait to try this...maybe it will help me avoid having frizzy mess hair next time I run in to someone that used to see me naked.

mystery plant

I wish I knew what kind of plant this is...it would go nicely with the other plants I haven't killed yet.

found on The Brick House.


style dilemma

I am feeling like mixing it up a little bit with my hair color. It's been various shades of brown, black, and even a little eggplant within the last year. But I stripped out the black and it's kind of a weird shade now. I wonder if I could pull off this hair color pictured below. And I kind of like the asymmetrical bangs too.

image found here.

love thy neighbor

Usually it's the upstairs neighbors that I tend to rant about but they have been pretty awesome lately. And this week, they took out my trash and brought back the giant bin after the trash was picked up. I feel like the ultimate slacker now.
But this isn't about them. My next door neighbor spits. Not just spits but hawks loogies in to his kitchen sink. Said kitchen sink is about 20 feet from the computer I am writing on now and where I eat a lot of my meals. Usually he is hawking up some phlegm while I am eating and sometimes before I've had my morning coffee. Tasty treats!
I love the open window seasons.


we're going to have a touchy feely moment here

After at least a year (more like two years plus) of being in some sort of constant funk, I feel the tide is finally turning. I have felt brief moments of this before but it was usually tied to something fleeting. I still have good days and bad days but the good days are starting to outnumber the bad days, finally!!! (and without the help of any medication to assist in lightening the mood) I don't expect life to be all sunshine and roses but these past two years can suck it. I really forgot that I am a good person who deserves to be treated like a good person. I believed the bull that was being fed to me and then really beat myself up for believing it.

I am really starting to come to terms with who I am. I will continue to have my moments but I know my faults and more importantly my strengths. I know when I am being pushed too far and I know what kinds of people I want to surround myself with. I know that I have to be more selective in who gets a say in my life and it's really only my voice that matters. And that voice needs to speak up a little more often.

image from here.