black and white and green all over

I love the black and white with just the little pop of color. Why can't this be my kitchen?

I am Flipping Out

Flipping Out Season 3 premieres Augtust 13th!!!


Via Roma

I heart this packaging. How cute are the people?

found on the dieline.

I pity the drool

Where was this onesie when all my friends were having their baby boys?

or this one....

and why couldn't any of my ungrateful friends have had twins?

from bambinamia.

Oh Corey.

I am sure that Corey Feldman has some tales he can tell from his friendship with the King of Pop. On one hand, I hope he keeps his mouth shut. The other hand hopes he spills details. Will Corey take the high road? Not likely.


Tomorrow - Saturday 6.27

It's going to be a busy weekend between the Made in the 216 event and the Waterloo Arts Fest (and dinner at The Greenhouse Tavern) but I can't wait!
Cleveland’s fastest-growing grassroots, family-friendly arts festival is back and better than ever, with more exhibits, installations performances and activities. More than 5,000 people are expected to spend the day on Waterloo, seeing and making art, catching live performances, shopping an array of vendors and noshing on local eats, as well as visiting all the one-of-a-kind businesses that make this burgeoning district unique.

a swinging good time

A swing for people who most likely forgot what it was like to be a kid.

found on Made Sweet.

I heart bacon


just can't get enough

sneak preview

CLE Clothing Co gave a sneak peak at some of their new designs on their site yesterday, some of which will be available at the Made in the 216 Event. I am super excited about more shirts. I think I am not-so-secretly replacing all my old t-shirts with new ones from CLE Clothing Co.


I am curious...if you had lots of money to pay to get your hair done and you knew there would be people photographing you whenever you went out shopping, wouldn't you make sure it didn't look like you colored your hair with the $4 hair dye?
Now my hair looks like I pay $6.50 but I do pay only $6.50 and I am not famous.


I like bad televison, sue me

Tonight at 9, I will be busy watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show. Pathetic, I know. At least it's not Jon and Kate Plus 8.


While reading Petunia Face, I came across this photo. And I have to wonder what in the heck this guy was thinking!!! But I guess he likes beards.

the dishes are done

I finally think I have figured it out, why I don't like to cook.  It's the dishes.  I hate doing the dishes and my old rental in Lakewood doesn't have a dishwasher, unless you count me of course. 

And there's that other little detail, chefs are pretty cute. 



Has anyone tried this??  The brown sugar flavor tastes like the top of creme brulee without the crunch.   It's awesome in a tub.

I want it all

I'll take all three.  Except, at $18 a pop, not in the budget. 

how did 4 days go so fast?

Really, 4 days flew by.  But it was a good four days spent relaxing, reading, cleaning, working out, and some fun (seeing Artie Lange at the Improv fits in that category for sure...FIRE!).  While I am sad it's time to go back to work, I am also thankful that I only have a full week this week.  The two weeks after that are short weeks and I can barely contain my excitement.
Happy Monday!

from Jean Jullien


I'll take it

I want both of these outfits.  I don't even care it's the same top in a different color. 
from Boden USA


Maybe I need this game to entice me to actually want to go to a bar.  Lately, I have had almost ZERO desire to go to a bar, after dark, when other people might actually be there.  People in bars annoy me: frat boys, visible thongs, excess cleavage, drunk people, bathroom lines.  Ugh.  But this game might actually make me happy to see these things and therefore I might appear to others that I do not have a giant stick up my ass.

rain, you can suck it

For my two days off of work, I planned to sit pool-side and tan myself.  (images of a rotisserie chicken come to mind---all the turning and browning myself up)  But of course, it's Cleveland and they didn't get the memo that I needed to be happy and tan.  
Cleveland, it's full of disappointment.

puppy love


I am Chuck Bass

I am not sure if I have a crush on Chuck Bass or if I think he's odd looking.  Maybe I have a crush on him because he's kind of odd looking.

photos from here

Home Girl (part deux)

Home Girl has a blog. I am hoping to head out to the sale this morning-enjoy my morning off and the start of my long weekend and a much needed break from work.



I want to live in a place with exposed brick. The little arch made of brick makes me happy too.

image from design*sponge

go green

Green Line
photo available at Wall Blank


One good decision

One good decision can lead to another...that's what the Nutri-Grain commercial says. Well it's kind of true.  For example my decision to buy a bottle of berry vodka and lemonade has led to the good decision to drink them as nature intended, in the same glass.

Bacon floss

Bacon flavored dental floss might get me to actually floss on a regular basis, much to the joy of my dentist. (I enjoy coffee a lot too, but usually I don't want that taste to linger)

panic at the disco

Wouldn't this be a great mug for work?
from Pedlars.


Home Girl sale this weekend

I I heard about this sale last year through Orange Beautiful but for some reason was not able to make it to the other side of town. Not this year....
The Home Girl sale features vintage furnishings, handmade items and original artwork. Home Girl is located at Maplewood Farm, 2357 Hudson-Aurora Rd. Sale hours are Thursday 6.18 from 10am-6pm; Friday 6.19 from 10am-6pm; and Saturday 6.20 from 9am-5pm.
For more information, call 330.653.9781.

The week has started and

I can't believe the weekend is over and Monday is here, again.  I know, every week, it starts all over.  Thank heavens I have a short week because I am not sure I could make a whole 5 days of work this week.  I think my brain is fried.

image from Kotama Bouabane.


Friday...think about what you've done.

Cleveland Low Life

So what happens when you give 30 people disposable cameras and 1o day to shoot "their" Cleveland?  

A new exhibit featuring these photos opens today 6.12 at the Low Life Gallery  and runs through late June.
The Low Life is located at 16001 Waterloo Rd.  (near the Beachland Ballroom)


I need your arms around me, I need to feel your touch...

you're never, ever there. 

from I can read

too bad, so sad

Sheree is losing her home to foreclosure. And didn't she talk stuff about NeNe when there were rumors about her house going in to foreclosure? I guess She by Sheree isn't doing well.