Have a great weekend!  

pig parts

third eye?!

Are they serious with this? Who wants to eat off a cat's asshole?

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my choice is....

...Donut Tycoon.  That's way better than being a Professional Bowler.   These could be acute baby shower gift, too bad they don't have Trailer Park Manager.  That would be a sure fire way to avoid more baby showers.

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mixing it up with some Thursday bacon

While I was in Austin, I decided I hate most of my summer wardrobe.  
Now, I would like this but not for $195!


yep, everyone wants Kate's hair...or NOT!

See how other famous people look with Kate's crazy cakes hair-do thanks to US Weekly and photoshop.  

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magazine junkie

I hate when I see a magazine on the news stands before I get my subscription copy in the mail. Women's Health, I am talking to you!


moving on

I wish I could just leave the pieces on the floor...


I am off!

I am headed to Austin for the holiday weekend and I am beyond ready to lounge in this pool.  I am hoping for nice weather so that my pool time is not affected.  I'll be back late Monday.
Have a great Memorial Weekend!


tasty treats

The apricots and apples are TASTY!

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flower power

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Things are getting out of hand

I broke down and bought a watch...not just any watch, an Ironman watch.  In no way shape or form am I saying this watch is the most precious piece in my jewelry collection. It was actually pretty cheap, and bought at my beloved Target. It's not a fancy GPS watch, I have the USATF.org site to track my distance and other things I would rather spend the money on (this site is pretty much my wish list and a GPS watch has not appeared...ever).  

The reason this watch is a big purchase for me is because I bought it for running: to actually time myself running a mile so I can know what is an improvement from that point.  What is happening to me?!  It was only a 9 week training program but who have I become?!

But my friends are crazy if they think I am running the half-marathon next year! 


citi ad

Monday BACON! in video form


Tacky or awesome?  

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I am not ready for the week to start again.  Work has been overwhelmingly busy and it seems that the roller coaster is not over.  They are projecting us to be busy well through the summer- just when I was ready to stop thinking about work and have some fun.  

Well, it's time to make the donuts.



From time to time, I like to look at USPS.com to see what stamps are out there. Last year, my love was the Eames stamps. This year it's The Simpson and the King and Queen of Hearts.


boo on you

Boo on you Biggest Loser. I wanted Tara to win, and I wanted that dress.
How could Crazy Cat Lady, Helen, go and win?!

At least Kristen got rid of the stripe. And I heart that dress.

People from Texas

I won't be wearing this shirt on my upcoming trip to Austin. 

from Smash

Would you think I was crazy if you saw me in these?

They are Recovery Socks.  Basically they are compression socks to improve blood flow after workouts also help muscle repair, reduce stiffness and maybe even reduce soreness.  I am kind of intrigued---not intrigued enough to buy them just yet.


here's where I admit how much bad television I watch....

Tonight is a big television night for me. The season finale of the Biggest Loser is on and it's 3 hours long. I don't think three hours is necessary to tell America that Tara is going to win--how many times can they show the same footage over and over??? And if Tara doesn't win, I am going to be pissed. (Yes, it appears I am emotionally invested in a TV show about losing weight. I am OK with it.) She has dominated the entire season and has never been below the yellow line. I think she's amazing. And she's lost something like 140lbs...in 18 weeks.

But conflicting with the Biggest Loser telethon that is going to take up my ENTIRE evening, is the Real Housewives of New York reunion show. (If you weren't wondering why I was single before....this display of television that I watch is probably a good guess. The only other person who might want to even consider watching this much reality TV and Bravo is a gay man.) These reunion shows are usually the best of the season because the claws really come out.

After the reunion is the season premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Forgadda 'bout it. (or however that poor display of the English language is spelled)

Oy vey, my DVR is going to be working overtime. And Rescue Me is on at 10 tonight...there is going to be a conflict that the DVR can't handle.

I still haven't recovered from last week's Millionaire Matchmaker. Patti made me so uncomfortable, I wanted to fast forward when ever she was talking to her first gay millionaire club member. Why did she need to ask about tops and bottoms so much? She loves her gays.

give good face

from Sleeveface

is this guy offering mustache rides?

That was terribly inappropriate of me. But that's a might fine 'stache.

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sick and tired

I am sick and tired of this congestion that is occupying my head. I am over the tissues and the snot running from my head. I swear I blow my nose and I lose five pounds. Sorry for that visual but it is what it is....a gross spring cold.

Neko Case

I saw Neko last month in Cleveland and it was the first time I saw her live.  I was not disappointed.  
And yesterday was Neko Monday- all Neko, all day at work.  I am sorry to my co-workers if they didn't enjoy it.

The video isn't the greatest but it's the best/only I could find of just this song.


holy crap

It really does exist. Where can I purchase this?
Happy Friday!!!


I have been waiting for this book to come out for what seems like forever. In all reality it's probably been about 6 months. I ordered it from Amazon yesterday---I should have paid to have it for the weekend (I could be sick and miserable but laughing hysterically on my porch while reading this). I will just have to read Jennsylvania in the mean time.

How did I miss this last night?!

So I missed the series premiere last night. This might have been because I have been sick and went to bed at 8 last night. Thank god it's on Bravo so I can see it at least 20 times before the next episode airs.


Everybody can-can

New, limited edition cans for the summer. My fav is the grill.
found at The Dieline.