SAVE THE DATE ---- 6.27.09

I just heard that the East Wing galleries of the Cleveland Museum of Art opening to the public again on 6.27.09.
That means Picaso and Dali for FREE!

J. Crew shoes that don't hurt my feelings

They might hurt my feet, but not my feelings.

more farouche

so I am a little behind on the DVR

What the F*&# is with the woman on the right? Is she serious?

... from last week's season premiere of the Real Housewives of New York


Grassroots Ale

This mild ale is on tap at Great Lakes now for a sneak peak. It's not officially supposed to be out until April. The herbs (lemon balm, lemon basl, chamomile, and coriander) all grown on Great Lakes Brewing Company's farm.

What's wrong with this picture?

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with the skulls on J.Crew flip-flops? Oh wait, I just answered my own question.

worst pick up lines

Sadly, I have dated this guy! And not ten years ago either.

from farouche.

Mohawk'ing Birds

look at these little nuggets
from Sophias Sweet Spot. Her etsy shop is closed right now but she will be back

Struggling Cleveland

Photos of the sad state of Cleveland from Time magazine.


For tonight's viewing pleasure

Top Chef finale.

I think I will be rooting for Carla because she reminds me of Red.

500 things I probably don't know

This looks like a fun and cool book.

I do know how to open a wine bottle but that's about it.

photos from sfgirlbybay.

I am ready for Spring and Spring flowers

photos found here.

a good old fashioned mix tape

I love a good mix tape. I still have mixes that were made for me in high school---almost 16 years old---and I have no plans on getting rid of them anytime soon. The best part, I don't even have a cassette player anymore. This usb stick from SuckUK is one of the coolest reminders of my youth mixed with a little technology of today. It only holds an hour of music.
Choose very carefully.



I am ready to watch the cats bring out their claws tonight on the reunion show.
And I can't wait to hear SGM's take on it after.

awesome sleeping bag

Look closely.


I like popcorn, a lot. Not as much as some people I know, but a lot none the less. I recently found out about this company and I have to say I am intrigued by flavors such as Vietnamese Cinnamon Sugar, Black Truffle and White Cheddar, and Ginger Sesame Caramel. I am not sure if it's enough for me to pay $33-35 for a sampler though.
Maybe I don't like popcorn enough.

super creepy

I am not sure what is creepier, the heads with out hair on sticks or the crazy pig tails on the blonde in the last photo.

the making of Barbie....found here.


now I really NEED to try it

I previously mentioned the No Frizz products and I was thinking they can't be that great.

And then I read this review:
"I wanted to say thank you of saving my life! Well, not exactly, but you did introduce me to a product that has been life CHANGING. I was the winner of the Living Proof No Frizz for fine to medium hair set. These two products are AMAZING. I am the person who this product was created for! I have long fine hair that is a hybrid of curly and straight, but not a nice beachy-wave curly, a frizzy tangle of waves in an unorganized mess. I have NEVER been able to let my hair air-dry and go. Either I blow dry it straight (and hope the humidity is non-existant) or I put hella product in to contain the frizz and hold the little curl I have. I have tested both the Straight Making and the Wave Shaping Curl Defining, and I honestly can't decide which I like better. The Straight Making spray not only keeps the frizz at bay, but it makes my hair incredibly silky (don't know if this is supposed to happen, but I'll take it). And, for some reason it helps keep the oil to a minimum and I can actually go an extra day without washing my hair. The Wave Shaping spray has FINALLY allowed me to wash-and-go. I can spray this in my damp hair, scrunch it a bit and I can head off on my daily adventure. Frizz free waves ALL day without the crunchy, wet-looking hair that accompanies the former curly/wavy hair routine."

Oscar dresses


Least favorite:
I am not sure what Beyonce was thinking but somewhere this is someone from the 80's crying because Beyonce stole their bedspread.

Monday bacon

Bacon Is Like A Little Hug from God ----HELL YEAH IT IS!!

Stain tea cups

Stain is a set of a teacups designed to improve through use. The interior surface of the cup is treated so as to stain more in predetermined places. The more the cups are used, the more the pattern is revealed. Over time they will build up an individual pattern dependent on the users personal way of drinking tea.


Store closing

The Z Gallerie stores at both Crocker Park and Legacy Village will be closing on March 5th.


No, it's not dirty.  Yes, I really do know how to spell wiener.  
It's actually a great Weezer cover band.  And they are playing next Friday, February 27th at the Jigsaw in Parma. Tickets are only $5.  And the beer is cheap.  

at the Jigsaw in Parma. 

Stila--on sale and free shipping

Limited time: when you buy the online sets featured, you get free shipping.
Enter coupon code, BIGBEAUTY at checkout.

2.23 - 3.1--Downtown Restaurant Week 2009

Next week (2.23.09 - 3.1.09) is Downtown Cleveland Restaurant week. From 5pm until close many of the area restuarants are offering $30 3-course menus (appetizer, entree, dessert). Some are of the participating resaurants are: Lola, Siagon, Ponte Vecchio, Crop, Mallorca but there are 40 in all. Most of the restaurants will be offering $30 for one but there are a few that are offering $30 menu for two!! Participating parking lots will offer $2 parking for diners.

For a full list of participants and their menus, click here.


cube makeover

This isn't my cube but it's pretty similar (whose cube isn't) but I wonder what my co-workers would think if I pimped my cube. (Given that we are losing our jobs, they might think I have lost my mind.)



found on Apartment Therapy.

orange chair

I don't know where I would put it, but I like it.  A lot.

from Target, of all places.  And it's $299.99

I would move in tomorrow

If Nicole from Making It Lovely's house went on the market tomorrow, I would scoop it up but it would have to be fully furnished.  Her organizational skills make me swoon. 

Here are just a few of her photos of her place.  You can find more on her flickr