mom puts me in timeout, this is bulls!t. Complete bullsh!t.

The talking babies creep me out, like birds creep Sadie out.  That said, I can still laugh at this. 
 "I want to punch the economy in the face."

Have a great weekend!

Tell me the first headline is a JOKE....

Please! A Sleeveless Shirt Line?! Is he punking us?

keep calm and carry on....

How can I keep calm when I saw the price of this rug....390 pounds?!  On sale. (I had to write pounds instead of the symbol because I may be computer challenged today and can't find the symbol.)

He's Just Not That Into You-Friday, Feb 6th

Shaker Square Cinemas is proud to announce its third Ladies Night benefit for Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Circle of Friends to be held on Friday, February 6th.

The event will kick off at 6:30 pm with a mix and mingle reception in the Shaker Square Cinemas upper and lower lobbies followed by a screening of the new film HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU at 7:30 pm. John Robert’s Spa will be providing free mini spa and salon treatments to attendees prior to the film at various stations throughout the lobby. Appetizers from SASA, Sergio’s Sarava, Fire and Whole Foods Market plus complimentary wine or soda will be served as ladies enjoy music as they chat with friends old and new. Complimentary popcorn will be served throughout the movie. Attendees will also receive gift bags featuring goodies from area businesses.

Women are encouraged to bring pictures of any or all of their exes. Metromix.com will be on site with a “Shred Your Ex” station to provide a cathartic release for any recent or past break-up pains.

Tickets are $35 and are on sale at the Shaker Square Cinemas box office.

Sponsored by: John Robert's Spa, Sergio's Sarava, SASA, Fire, Whole Foods Market, Metromix.com, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, & Popcorn Shop Factory.


Happy Friday!


kitchen storage

I wish I was this organized.


from The Selby

shampoo without sulfates

The Au Naturel collection is infused with beneficial essential oils and plant-derived ingredients. Free of synthetic fragrance, dyes, sulfates and parabens, all Au Naturel products are packaged in 40% recycled materials. Au Naturel Gentle Shampoo is weightless, refreshing and ideal for adding movement and body to normal to fine hair. Hair is gently cleansed with a unique combination of natural plant derived surfactants sourced from sugar and palm.

on sale at Sephora

Domino falls

Condé Nast made the long-expected decision to close Domino. The March issue will be the last. The Web site will also be discontinued.

5x7 (Five By Seven) at Whole Foods

5:00-7:00 p.m. ($5 cover) at the Whole Foods on Cedar Center store.
FIVE dishes -
FIVE different beers or wines -
FIVE sensational sampling stations -
Only FIVE dollars - Friday nights from FIVE until SEVEN.
Join us for a classy new social ritual - every Friday night!
For discriminating and casual appreciators alike, 5x7 is our brand-new weekly tradition featuring a thematic pairing of five new food and wine (or beer) samplings at five different tasting stations, all for an excellent price! Your $5 cover grants you an all-access punch card listing the evening's pairings, as well as a FREE wine glass that you can bring back to reuse and save $1 off admission on a later date! From meat and seafood to prepared foods and specialty cheese, every week you will discover new tastes and new trends to tantalize your pallet. (A featured non-alcoholic substitution is also available upon request.) Get a head start on your weekend with a little grown-up playtime.

Upcoming themes: 1/23: Comfort Foods; 1/30: Game Day Entertaining; 2/6: Natural Nutrients; 2/13: Couplings for Couples. (Event begins in Beer & Wine Department)


Fat Tire

Tonight is bowling night and how I wish the Winking Lizard carried Fat Tire.  Actually, I wish anywhere in Cleveland had Fat Tire.  (Maybe that should go in the positive column on the should I move list.)

no mo' frizz

really? I want to believe you, I do but I have heard that from a hair product before. 

At least it's not Monday

So cute, so many issues.


I have been listening to Sirius 90's on 9, a lot. As a result, I have been having college dance party flashbacks. I love Rump Shaker and Gangsta's Paradise. But all this reminiscing has me craving a new Patagonia fleece pullover. The one I have is from '94 (maybe even '93) and is starting to show it's age, just like the music I love.  
To the left, to the left, now dip baby dip.

The Best And Worst Cities For Women

Cleveland is good at being bad.  The Browns, The Indians, the Economy, etc.  We're also good at being a crappy place to live if you are a woman.  

The 10 BEST
1  Salt Lake City, UT
2  San Francisco, CA
3  Seattle, WA
4  San Jose, CA
5  Denver, CO
6  Minneapolis, MN
7  Fargo, ND
8  Madison, WI
9  Manchester, NH
10 Aurora, CO

The 10 WORST
91  St. Petersburg, FL
92  Birmingham, AL
93  Modesto, CA
94  Cleveland, OH
95  Detroit, MI
96  Charleston, WV
97  Toledo, OH
98  Memphis, TN
99  St. Louis, MO
100 Bakersfield, CA



Hearty Cup & Saucer

from Molla Space

Our new President

I heart these photos. 


found on Design Crush.

Marqués de Riscal in El Ciego, Spain

I first saw this hotel on Spain, On the Road Again.  The hotel was designed by Frank Gehry, who also designed the Guggenheim in the city of Bilbao, 115 km from El Ciego. 
This hotel and what I have read about this region in Spain, makes me want to book a flight tomorrow.

yes, I am awesome

Yes, I will find a new job.  Yes! 
I heart this room and this poster.

found here


The Real Housewives....Tonight!

I am so glad I will find out if Gretchen finally gets some after 8 months with someone other than the man who gave her the $65k diamond engagement ring. The same guy who is in the hospital, dying.
Tequila is bad, very bad.  

a fun but not good for you breakfast

hamburger bed

Look how happy he looks!

found on Apartment Therapy

I know I am a few days late on this

I saw this a few days ago but I am a bit behind on posting because I have been hiding in my bed with my covers over my head, preparing my psyche for the job hunt.

Orla Kiely is creating a line for my favorite place, Target.


Job hunting is tough.  It can make you feel like no one wants you, like all your past work history was for nothing.  

I've taken a few days to be sad about my current job situation and now I have a new motto.


tomorrow at the Rock Hall-free

Jan 19, 2009
Martin Luther King, Jr., Festival
In celebration of the life and legacy of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is offering FREE admission all day AND free entertainment! The Sepia Magazine Photo Archive exhibition will also open on this day.
With performances by: Dwele, Crystal Aikin, Natasha Yvette and Richard Lackey of Retrospect.


It's starting to sink in

Tuesday it was announced that they would be closing the department I currently work for. This means in the next few months, I will be out of a job. I am all too aware of what the current economy looks like and I am scared. I am taking a few days to allow this news to sink in and then I am hitting the ground running.

Chase to Cease Origination through Wholesale/Broker Business
Home lending remains an integral part of our firm’s overall financial strategy and as such, we have a responsibility to our customers, shareholders and employees. Moving forward, we have decided to focus on loan originations through Chase bank branches, our Consumer Direct business, and retail-originated loans acquired from Correspondent lenders. Our new strategic direction is supported through the recent merger with Washington Mutual, which increased our bank branch inventory nationwide and enables us to serve nearly 70 percent of the American population.
As a result of our strategic decision, we are closing our Wholesale business.
We continue to purchase retail-originated loans through our Correspondent business, which includes our Warehouse Lending unit. Our Rural Housing program remains unaffected by this change.New Wholesale Registration and Locks will NOT be accepted after end of day on Friday, January 16, 2009.
This decision has been an extremely difficult one, but in this current environment, we feel it is the most prudent one to make.
Please review the bulletin below in detail as to any impacts to you and your business process with Chase.
Wholesale Bulletin #EA2009-05
Thank you for your business and support over the years

balance ball chair

I secretly want one of these for work but I know I would get a lot of weird looks.


new favorite snack

This salt and pepper popcorn is my new fave.  It's salty and buttery like popcorn should be without being overwhelming and the pepper is just enough spice.

One of those times when I would be OK with being "that gal"

I wonder how this works.  Now that MAC has moved out of Tower City I am expanding my horizons.
found on Sephora

makeup tips

I have been meaning to check this book out.


tattoo you

This woman appears to like Mario -  a lot!

What does this tattoo say about this guy?
both photos found here.