you say jean strap, I say "welcome back 80's"

Brining back the 80's one pant leg at a time. OK, I do have to admit these are kind of what I could use a pair of right now. Boots + jeans=bunching. And I don't like it. As long as I am not wearing stirups with flats and some bunchy socks, I think we're OK. Right?


JennKate said...

I just saw these today and had to REALLY think about it. Where are we going with this.... how long till we are tuck and folding the jeans again.. ACK!

NikkiO said...

I was just thinking about that at H&M yesterday when I saw a pair of leggings. I thought to myself, "Self, if you add on a pair of stirrups to these leggings, you would look just like mom did in 1987."