Friday Bacon

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. New puppy. New, now sick, puppy. Two days ago, Bacon wasn't feeling so hot but by the end of the day was feeling better. Then yesterday he didn't eat at all. A quick call to the vet and next thing I know, I am leaving work to come home and spoon feed baby food to my new pup. Most likely, it's just a virus and he should be good to go. I have a vet appointment in a couple of hours. Hopefully good news. He did eat a bit (only to throw some of it up--yum). He wants to be so close to me the only way to look at the internet was to put him on the desk.

Yep, it's official, I am already a person I hate as I can't seem to talk about anything else other than the dog. And no, that lady in Target doesn't care that I just got a dog but I am going to tell her about him anyway!

ETA: Back from the vet, Bacon has parvo and a intestinal parasite. Awesome. He is at the vet for treatment-iv fluids and the like...Please think good thoughts for my baby.

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a sleepy owl said...

Oh, man! I hope he recovers speedily. That sucks. Being a pet owner is fun but very expensive. I adopted a puppy about a year ago and we've spent a LOT of time in the vet's office in the past year.