Amanda, you are NOT America's choice

Amanda, you are a big whiney baby. I kind of wanted to kick you last night.
Tara, how I have missed you kicking ass and taking names on the Biggest Loser.

Last season, I was so motivated by the Biggest Loser, I would pause my DVR and go for a mile run in the middle of the show. This season, I just want to throw my running shoe at my TV.

This morning I was still slightly irritated by Amanda's poor attitude and tears during her marathon. I felt like if Tara wasn't there to cheer her on and run with her, then she never would have finished. So motivated, yet again, by Tara (and a couple of workout buddies of my own and their promise of Dunkin Donuts coffee), I signed up for the Reindeer Run this Saturday. Maybe for the possibility of a $250,000 cash prize I would do a marathon but for now Dunkin Donuts coffee and a 5k are all we're going to get.

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JenC said...

I'm with you! None of these contestants is doing anything for me this year. Tara rocked!

I shall see you on Saturday!!!