My family is celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday night because we're a bit goofy. Since my actual turkey day was going to be free, one of my friends invited me over to her house. She requested a signature drink or something of that nature as my contribution...hmm, something festive, something tasty, and something alcoholic. An Irish Float might be good but not really festive for Thanksgiving. Friday night I tried Jeni's Red Hot Apple Cider sorbet mixed with champagne and it was tasty. Where can I get my hands on more of the sorbet byThursday short of driving to Columbus?
Anyone have any other fun fall cocktails they can suggest?


Molls said...

they sell Jeni's at the Miles Farmers Market in Solon. Not sure if they will have that flavor, but its worth the drive to check

Suzanne said...

I actually called Miles Farmers Market this morning and they do have that flavor. Did Jessica tell you that was her request?

I think I know where I am headed after work!