I tried these boots on again this past weekend. I was able to get them off without causing bruising, unlike last time. Can I get a girdle (or some sort of "shapewear" since that's what girdles are now called) for my calves?


Mel said...

I've been looking at Hunter boots online to purchase. Where can you buy them locally? I wouldn't mind trying them on before I buy... or saving on shipping, if the price is right! Thanks!!

Suzanne said...

I tried them on in Columbus. But the last time I tried them on was when I ordered them from zappos. The shipping was free both ways and overall the price was the same as the store I was in over the weekend.

Jane said...

I have the same problem with boots that go over my calves. Is there any good side to big calf muscles? They certainly don't seem to make me a faster runner.