The new j.crew catalog is out and I want it all. I am getting excited for fall clothes, maybe it's because the weather hasn't been all that warm here in Cleveland.


ANG* said...

darling! but dont you dare talk about summer ending :) we've hardly had one!

Kelly and José said...

ahhh, yes. . .

sometimes i deliberate about working part-time there (i was at the beachwood store for some time). . .but, they suck you in to the point where you barely break even!



Suzanne said...

My hair likes fall better, and I like when my hair is happy, so fall I wish it to be. Only like a really prolonged fall that never goes in to winter, skips right to spring.

Breaking even with a full J.Crew wardrobe might not be a bad thing. It's better than a J.Crew wardrobe and a nice credit card bill to match. Have you seen the trouser cut cords? I am in LOVE!