Good riddance

Good riddance is basically what my mom said when I told her about the recent engagement of a past mistake in judgement on my part. Actually she said, "Good, now he will stay the hell away from you!" (For the record, we have managed to stay away from each other a good year now) But when I told her about Jeff Tanchak's marriage a while back, she was heartbroken. I think she was holding out hope that I would run in to him on the streets of Cleveland and he would fall madly in love with me.


Jane said...

Wow, he's a cutie. Every weatherman I know in real life is gay. Damn.

Courtney said...


Suzanne said...

Yes, really. My mom really loves her some Jeff Tanchak and is sad I am not married to him.
And yes, the other one is engaged. Nothing really to say to that.