here's where I admit how much bad television I watch....

Tonight is a big television night for me. The season finale of the Biggest Loser is on and it's 3 hours long. I don't think three hours is necessary to tell America that Tara is going to win--how many times can they show the same footage over and over??? And if Tara doesn't win, I am going to be pissed. (Yes, it appears I am emotionally invested in a TV show about losing weight. I am OK with it.) She has dominated the entire season and has never been below the yellow line. I think she's amazing. And she's lost something like 140lbs...in 18 weeks.

But conflicting with the Biggest Loser telethon that is going to take up my ENTIRE evening, is the Real Housewives of New York reunion show. (If you weren't wondering why I was single before....this display of television that I watch is probably a good guess. The only other person who might want to even consider watching this much reality TV and Bravo is a gay man.) These reunion shows are usually the best of the season because the claws really come out.

After the reunion is the season premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Forgadda 'bout it. (or however that poor display of the English language is spelled)

Oy vey, my DVR is going to be working overtime. And Rescue Me is on at 10 tonight...there is going to be a conflict that the DVR can't handle.

I still haven't recovered from last week's Millionaire Matchmaker. Patti made me so uncomfortable, I wanted to fast forward when ever she was talking to her first gay millionaire club member. Why did she need to ask about tops and bottoms so much? She loves her gays.


Ashley said...

I love Tara too! She's totally going to win. Especially since Helen doesn't have enough weight left to lose to beat her.

Wow. I too watch too much bad TV. Oh and I have a little crush on Mike, even though he's only 18.

Yes, i'm slightly embarrassed now.

Suzanne said...

Mike looks a little too much like someone I know, so no crush for me.

JenC said...

Tara is my favorite too! My DVR better work, because I'm at Fallout Boy concert. Biggest Loser is the only reality TV I watch, but the DVR gets a workout with all my C.S.I. (all three), Lost and Heroes tapings (I'm such a nerd)!