hot damn!


Imagine using this on a BLT instead of regular mayo. It's double the bacon pleasure.


pillows that need a happy home

from Joom.

a little cottage

(love the bike against the red)

(a bottle tree with Christmas lights)

(I heart the picture wall and the color of the floor.)

(loving the back patio)

found on Apartment Therapy from Cottage Living.


shower curtain


fine bedding

Are you a stripper, a porn star, or Paris Hilton? Maybe you're not, but you want everyone to think you are. If that's the case, this bedding has your name written all over it. (Actually it has Ed Hardy's name all over it and that's just as tacky.)

Number 5 is alive

While shopping CB2 I saw this book and it states it is designed to help you figure out the next five years of your life. It also states it's perfect for anyone going through a life change. Based on the stock market, the state of the economy, and the job situaiton in Cleveland, it looks like we all could use this book. And it's not The Secret.

hoops with a twist

It's an Etsy kind of day.
from Tangle.

ring I wouldn't mind receiving

And it's pink!

puppy patch

found here.


today's bacon

from zazzle.

oh my mug

These mugs are great, maybe even fabulous, but they must be high pricing these at $150 for the set!


These bullboards are throughout Spain.

purple boots------love

I heart these. Too bad they are $280.
found on Piperlime.


hot, hot, hot

Holy hot pink velvet curtains!  Swoon.

OK, I admit these are cute

Normally, I think dressing your pet up is cruel and unusual punishment.  People like Paris Hilton dress up their pet and why would ANYONE want to be like Paris Hilton?  Well give me a tube of Valtrex and call me Paris, because these costumes are cute.

Shut up tape

Do you have that co-worker who just won't shut up? I know I do so I can't be alone in this. Well this tape might be a great solution. You can tape their desk up with this and they might get the hint. If not, tape their mouth shut with it.
found here.

that's true for this girl


Bruises by Chairlift

Dear Apple, 
Why do you release commercials of the exact song I am obsessing over at the moment?  You did the same thing to me last year with 1, 2, 3, 4.  

Thinking ahead

So the holiday season is almost upon us and with that means lots of family gatherings.  Don't you just love family?!  No judgement from them, at all.  I am getting sick of them commenting on how my hair is a different color every time they see me.  Or asking me when I am getting married. Maybe I can order this sleeve of fake tattoos to wear on Thanksgiving and give the family a new topic to talk about.  

love it

the print that is.
photo from Design*Sponge. Print from Good Shape Design

a yellow bag I heart

and it's 50% off right now.  

a new time waster

I found a new application where you can turn any photo in to a polaroid.....including yesterday's breakfast.  


oh my goodness, oh my goodness

I keep seeing these little pockets of love and I want.  They are pecan pumpkin filled pancakes.  How could you not want them?!

Rock the Vote

Obama is really rocking that chest hair.  I die.


Day off

This morning I headed to my nearest Lowe's and wandered around like a lost puppy while searching for the items I needed.  I have been DIY girl today.  OK maybe I just repotted some plants, patched a small hole in the wall, hung a light, and put plastic up on the windows-HARDLY DIY.  I really need a better reason to take a day off work.  

But on the plus side since hanging the plastic the house has warmed up to a BALMY 58 degress.


Obama 08

As if I needed another reason to vote Obama.
found here.

pantone mug

How do you roll?

My bike totally needs neon. I would be the coolest kid on Mars.

accent wall

I heart you, hot pink accent wall.

MAC holiday collection

I heart these three!


When I have a bad day, I want new nail polish. Teal nail polish is fun.


Today I am wishing I had these buttons in real life to just go ahead and restart.


found on The Selby.

I miss you

My week has been bananas without Rachel. I die.

wish list

Even though Lush has the creep bath bombs from yesterday and these creepy face soaps, I still am intrigued but other things they have.

Stuff that creeps me out:

Stuff I would like to try: