maybe a little too much information....

Why is it that every time I clean my toilet, I have the sudden urge to have to use it?  

Sunday bacon

I love bacon and so do my upstairs neighbors.  They cook bacon every weekend and the whole house takes on the eau de bacon.  

Totally looks like....


Funny food

can anyone help me?

I need a scarf tying tutuorial on how to tie my scarf like this. Can anyone help me?

I will take this sweater from J.Crew in every color.

Doggie wigs

I am not quite sure why people insist on putting wigs on their animals. I guess because it's so absurd that it's funny.

Earrings I love

Then We Came to the End

I am going to listen to Alison's recommendation and reading this book next.


new 'do

Inspired by:
 The photos are blurry but I didn't have a decoy!

Am I not the baddest?

 I am sad to say that Sho'nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, has passed away. 

I need some motivation

I feel like I have hit a wall and am actually going backwards. So I did what every good American does, I bought something. I have decided I am going to keep track of everything I put in my mouth and what sort of exercise I am doing to work it off. Since I started this little project, that I for sure will not finish before all the pages of the book run out, I think I have been hungrier than normal. Boo!