I am dreaming of corn

I started reading this book last week and I never knew that 109 pages about corn would be a page turner. The next hundred or so are about grain and "organic" farming. I have enthralled (or possibly bored into submission) my co-workers and friends with talk about corn and government policies and more corn. It's everywhere and it's ruining us. Maybe I need to take a trip to the Corn Palace.

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Alison said...

oh my god! I love your blog! I blogged about this book earlier this year! Don't you love it? doesn't it scare you?!?!
Also from the eerie desk: my blog is called jackson hill st. news b/c I live on Jackson Hill St. I was TOTALLY going to use a photo of my street sign as a header for the blog, but now I can't b/c yours looks so great!!!
p.s., how was the other half of the menu at Lola?